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  1. been waiting for this
  2. #switchbacktovbulletin @ipsistrash please
  3. Well to sum it up I haven't had the greatest of days, so I figured I'd come on here and ask everyone else how their day is instead!
  4. Voted for Koen. I got 10k skilling points in a day ( ), but I guess this is alright.
  5. Some interesting changes. Good work Mr. Pb.
  6. reason????????????????
  7. In-game name(s): Ham Will you be active within the wiki team?: Yes Do you have prior experience editing a wiki?: Yes, been on the wiki team twice. Why do you deserve to be in the wiki team?: During my time playing the game, I have picked up quite an extensive physical database in my head on how the game is played. I have over 100 hours played, and 7.7B experience on my main account, Ham. I've had enough experience playing the game that I believe will allow me to accurately edit and add to the wiki. I am a native English speaker, so grammar should not be a problem. I am also very quick to execute any order given to me, so consistency is not an issue either. Do you have any creative idea(s) for the wiki? If so, explain it(them) below: Honestly not really. I just want to be here whenever something needs to be fixed, and to help add things to the wiki when they need to. Extra: I'm also taking web design in my high school, so I actually understand what all the code means now, as before I was using trial and error / copy and paste. I've been working with CSS and HTML directly.
  8. Currently we have these awful looking boots, which might i add, look like they're wrapped in pieces of PAPER! See here My proposal is to return the boots to their previous appearance... These boots are far more appealing for casual wear, studies show. Also the GrinderScape newspaper reports that the old GUI of the Steads were voted "GrinderScape's sexiest boot 2k16"... On a more serious note, the new boots look like dog shit, and the old ones are Jordan's... please give us back our J's please.
  9. No way... forced teleports used for rsgp trading is a bad idea
  10. So I did something today... @Suffer Plox @Mystery Ltd @Jason @Koen @Kyle *hint* the xp counter
  11. So I started playing again about a week ago, and this is the progress I've made with my bank thus far.
  13. lol congrats, thought it was still going on