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  1. The State of Grinderscape

    Grinderscape is really going downhill... It's all up to the community if they want to stay or not, some people just leave for the dumbest reasons and some people just don't find the game interesting and are not addicted to and just lose hope. But what I can see in the future is average 300+ players with the really good updates that are about to come. But yeah right now grinderscape is really going downhill...
  2. 3rd Called 3rd

    Damn very nice, kinda reminded me of me when I got a chween.
  3. Party Hat Event #2

    white,yellow,red gl all.
  4. Dragenforce2 [SIGNATURES] [FREE]

    No problem
  5. Some Edits [Wiz Khalifa]

    It looks okay.
  6. Dragenforce2 [SIGNATURES] [FREE]

    Options: 1. 2. Tell me if you want any changes. Your is in work. In Work. In work. - Every signature that is in work will be posted today.
  7. Grinderscape.jar problems

    I think Tyler explained the best way so If you still have this issue please contact @Pb600, If you have already just wait until he replies. Thanks, Jack
  8. Dragenforce2 [SIGNATURES] [FREE]

    1. 2. Enjoy tell me if you want any changes. 1 2. Did my own style Jamie tell me if you want any changes.
  9. My little brothers cake

    nice yummy
  10. Client Download

    This link - http://grinderscape.org/pb600/download/jarfix.exe - will help you execute the jar file.
  11. Dragenforce2 [SIGNATURES] [FREE]

    Bump - Looking for a signature just post down below!
  12. Teleport Memory

    i like this support
  13. Road to Max XP - Episode 1

    damn bro very nice