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An Old Puppy

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  1. Yeah, if you click "interact" on a bunyip it shows the message of "you don't have enough space to hold your pet", for some reason.
  2. If a pet cant fit in your inv or follow you it "should" go to your activity collection. However, as there was no broadcast i think you may have missclicked your familliar you had out, because that shows that message aswell.,
  3. Or, you could just make a preset. Much easier and much quicker. No Support.
  4. and i have one old account mc zaania but i dont remember password gan u help my . my email is ([email protected])

  5. my account has bannet and i want get it back 


    1. zaania


      gan u help my


  6. In-game name(s): An Old Puppy Age: 17 Timezone: GMT +0 Will you be active within the OMM team?: Yeah How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: 3-4 hours, maybe more, maybe less depending on the day. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: I have previously been in the team before and I have extensive experience in middlemanning trades and so im able to carry out trades efficiently. If I am accepted I can help out with the current OMMs, giving advice or just there to help out, the amount of active OMM has been dropping and I think that I can help fill some of the gaps that are left open. Through my time of playing I believe that I have gained trustworthyness within the community. Any other info: Being previously a moderator I understand the entire system of middlemanning, so understand to keep good contact with other OMM and staff so that if something does go amiss, it won't cause to many problems. Some middleman evidence: https://gyazo.com/fa06c5c0382b42b73cd389d7363b69de https://gyazo.com/80f6289011dbb723f8b815943f88302f Was for 16m 07 https://gyazo.com/e6e67493e05c04a2415ffc82556b15b6 https://gyazo.com/81fb7661ff20895f68e8612157ee5d00 Was also for 16m 07 Will add more when I do them.
  7. It has been ingame previously, however it was removed due to some bugs with it. http://imgur.com/a/mkXxn That was my time online at one point, 45 years. Yup.
  8. Well, I thought getting demoted to SS would give me the motivation to get my activity back up. Well, if anything its demotivated me. That along with me not enjoying the game anymore, as I previously have felt, I feel its ample time to resign for good. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Grinderscape, meeting new people and becoming friends with a handful, who of which i'd love to still keep talking to them. I'd like to thanks the entire staff team over the period of time that I was a staff member for making it such an enjoyable time. Also, thank you Max and Ron for allowing me to become a staff member in the first place, and then Niels for allowing me to return at the end of last year. I will come back ingame regularly to talk to people, but I have no intentions of staying for a consistant amount of time. I'll probably regret this rather soon, but oh well. Thanks for the great time, -Chris.
  9. A month of Exams quickly followed up by a 2 week holiday abroad did nothing but destroy my activity. But, having to work for Mod again will give my enough motivation to stick this through and prove myself once again. Again, thanks to Ron for allowing me to carrying on being a member of the staff team.
  10. I have to vote yes on this one. Ryan is one of the most respectable people i've met ingame, he handles situations with ease and is always there giving help to players including staff no matter the situation. His consistancy is also another part of him that needs commending, he's always nearby able to help and reliably gets on. Ryan has a huge positive effect on the community, including but not limited to Spectrum, OMM Recruiter and the Wiki. He's just a role model that definately deserves this accolade. Good luck Ryan!
  11. I really like the lootshare one, it gives people benefit out of their misfortune. Should be interesting with a mass-boss event and not wanting the drop. However, only small minor problem i see with it is people not leaving or just coming to crash, so the two/three/or more arent able to get the kill. It can be fixed with tohoming but that requires a mod+ during the event and to keep eye on other players. The rare drops one, im not so keen on it. Just seems that people will croud bosses making it hard for people who arent participating to get anything there and might just cause hassle.
  12. Feedback is always welcome, so thanks. About my activity, i've just finished a month-long period of exams, so my activty should only go up from here.
  13. I'll have to chose Wales for this.
  14. Good luck to all and may your drops be prosperous!