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  1. Jad

    But... Jad is easy tho? :c
  2. gf jess lured for ss rank by drew :c
  3. What a nerd... gz lol
  4. Who actually read that? jk I love u, gl my frand
  5. For chu it's free Yeah those are super anti fires, and my love is free only for chu n carl doe
  6. I'm selling all of these Best offer pls IGN: Yolo You Say -Dragon and onyx bolts (e)s sold -Raw and cooked rocktails sold -Dragon bolt tips sold
  7. I think you just have to kill a "target" in the wildy now.
  8. I'm suggesting the addition of the Dominion Tower Gloves which includes Goliath (melee), Spellcaster (magic), and Swift gloves (range). Goliath Gloves - When unarmed, wearing these gloves increases your chance to hit, and also boosts your melee damage. The gloves also give a random chance to perform a special attack which stuns up to 5 enemies and reduces their stats. Spellcaster Gloves - When casting combat spells, without having a staff equipped, you deal extra damage. There is also a chance to perform a special attack that reduces the stats of the enemy. Swift Gloves - There is a random chance, if you deal over two thirds of your maximum hit, that a special shot will fire two arrows, should one strike the enemy for a maximum hit, the enemy will be stunned.
  9. Nights with your right hand is more important than grinderscape, I agree. Come back soon papi
  10. Color(s): Midnight Purple, white, pink Picture(s): none Font(s): Some sort of cursive font I guess (bold tho pls) Background (yes/no) + background style: no background Text(s): Cholo
  11. can't take this seriously tbh so no support sadly, other more useful things should be added before this is considered
  12. Cleared, noob forum mod, jajaja. Jk ty for your contribution Christian Kyle
  13. @zoiezo as he's been helping the community out a lot lately.
  14. I beat KingHell6 4-0, Panos was watching.