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  1. Thats life
  2. I voted no because i rarely see this weapon being used in wild. I see allot more folks using dark bow. If the HC would have a chance to explode the price would drop really low and no one would use it.
  3. known as an content destroyer
  4. I dont think it is a good idea. Since the timer is already really short
  5. The beginning was kinda a copy from one of Russes latest videos. And the fps was really bad. Next time record on 55-65 fps. Since grinderscape is running on 50 fps that way you leave some room for fps drops within your system. Since you recorded the video on such low fps all the "slow motion" stuff and even the regular edit looks really choppy almost like a gif. Anyhow hopefully you pick up this advice. Nice kills and good content. You got allot of great potential with making videos dont stop.
  6. thaaanks
  7. Nope. But i am a Development supporter and part of the team
  8. The dev team is aware of this problem and it is being looked in to. It will probably be fixed within the next update.
  9. Ganos is in the plans but drygores... No not in this version of the game. Since we already have vines and strong chaotics and even dungeoneering weapons
  10. Agreed different exp drops would be nice
  11. Flasks are ment to be that way. But i would not mind the change
  12. Ik right!!!! Everything is broken and nothing ever gets fixed... I feel you man Sarcasm intensifies