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  1. im in ingame name: i pk 4 billz
  2. PK Changes

    This vote seems unfair to me as your giving two options to stay as 1 world and splitting up its votes
  3. woodcutting guide 1-99 ironman/regular

    Good guide dude
  4. Familiars

    1.voted no i dont think edge could handle that many yaks 2.i fully support this it would encourage people to brid at wests (still wouldnt want yaks to work below level 30 only stuff like bunyips or wolpertinger if added/if possible)
  5. Developer microblog

    I really enjoyed the combat beta a lot of things were really good..... butttt a few things made it kinda meh being able to eat food and not lose a single hit will stop people from risking hp also this will most likely ruin pking for me(oh look he ate i can risk this wait nvm that's a dds) brews seem like they will replace all food in multi since u could drink a full brew in the same amount of time as eating 1 food also i went to dragons to test a few weapons and i learned super anti fire pots don't protect you from all dragon fire damage anymore(no clue if this is intended) you could also use piety,augury,and rigour on pures(i dont think this is intended) vines were a little to weak no point in buying a item for so much if a whip is gonna hit the same