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  1. gimme a vine frand jk dont lose it all though
  2. Why is this 18+, are you gonna buy a prostitute with that or somethin If so, I'm gonna have to turn you in for RWT...
  3. ily byron hope everything works out. gl with college
  4. As sad as Amir leaving, I thought Saim was always media manager tbh
  5. bye

    Idk about best staff member, but you're up there. Sorry I still like Michael more. But staff shouldn't be a job, it's all volunteer and from what I've heard, it seems like the higher ups are doing everything possible to make it as tedious and boring as possible. Hope you find something else to no life that you enjoy Joe.
  6. Primary Text: Alvin Secondary Text: Color Text scheme: blue and pink or red Picture Image: sending on discord Donations (if any): small amount of 07
  7. #3 is cleaner than my butt
  8. <3 I don't even play gs but keep in touch idiot, i'll see you on 07 too. I hope i count as the old staff team? idk
  9. Of all the skills Construction? Really? Loser Idiot I hope you get maxed in the most painful way possible Nerd No combat 99s Too cool? Numb nut Dainty tea sticks If only you could pk now I like food, I hope you love me Taivo <3
  10. I'm not up to date with current prices but around 450b is my guess judging from the items I do know or can give a rough estimate on.
  11. Good old song, A lot of nostalgia
  12. Well, you could be IP banned, check with the staff about that. I don't see any other reason why it'd tell you that you were banned without a VPN if you weren't IP banned. Otherwise, I'd recommend investing in a better VPN service or different internet provider. HotSpotShield is a free service for a reason, it's not very good.
  13. Not my sexy christian kyle RIP
  14. I miss you Nick <3
  15. It's optional but isn't it the server's best interest to incentive donations. Donations is the only source of revenue that drives advertisements, keeps the server up, and ultimately makes a server better. What Akash is suggesting is to increase the benefits these donators receive, not many people are willing to donate that much money for nothing in return. The benefits that come from the server from more donations legitimizes the suggestion, I don't think he's really complaining as much as it's a suggestion to increase the benefits. More benefits = more donations, exactly what's wrong with that?