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  1. Purplr red green
  2. Good luck!
  3. 809 112 245
  4. #1 absolutely no #4 It is hosted by event-host not by system
  5. Ahaha nice guide there Hope it helps new players
  6. The reason i know that screenshot is not acceptable is due to easy being manipulated.But check this link below and it is from nov 2016 and posted by @ANZ down below the chat box you can clearly see that i have the donator crown and i don't believe i can edit the post that Anz posted before. So may i redeem my rank back? If not please give me a good reason. @Pb600 @Tyler
  7. Yeah shooting star become unpopular then it will took like 5 times b4 u get to see the star sprite. I vote for a YES
  8. I voted for no automatic unless automatic but no less xp gain since pb said b4 if crafting was automatic and it would be -50% exp gain
  9. Congratz Man Good luck Wish all the best!
  10. Oh lol guess what i have been thinking how to host this game and wanna suggest it already but u did it ahaha lol but my role are different such as police elders cilivian killer etc. This is a fun game and i really want to see this game hosted!
  11. Yeah agree on all of em.Kinda hard to get blood necklace nowdays especially not a pker
  12. Lol nice idea easy to play and host Looking forward or the first time
  13. i'll vote for #5 18th century colonel outfit #11 spartan #15 Caveman
  14. Nice update! Thanks pb
  15. Someone make a looting clan