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  1. marry christmas haha hope youve had a good break from all the hard work youve been doing lol :D



    1. Pb600


      Thanks, I had a nice weekend afterall! Hope you had a good christmas too!

  2. Answer is supposed to be exact; you rounded in your final answer. Any decimal obtained from a radical/square root is rounded if it's not a perfect root.
  3. The distance is 3 (1 + sqrt 3). Work:
  4. LOL

    Lol, sure. Coming from a guy with "poo" in his name. That kangaroo might have killed them both if it had so well pleased, but the man squared up to it and probably prevented that. Your pet is in danger, what would you have done? Walked up and tried to shoo it away? Have fun there. Kangaroos aren't helpless animals that are frequently abused, so don't go sjw on us now.
  5. Since in Runescape overloads are not noteable, making them as such in Grinderscape won't be easy. It would require a lot of effort and would be quite tedious, taking attention away from other more important updates. Additionally, Pb600 has shot down this idea multiple times: Basically, the current system does not even support this and would require tremendous amounts of effort. Otherwise, I still don't support, would make an easy rsps even easier and we don't need that IMO.
  6. ayy lmao Proud of you Kyle for getting it so soon after returning. Liam already knows my opinion, so I'm not going to express it here, won't accomplish anything.
  7. Good job Kyle Go for forum staff again now eh? You'll be able to if you try.
  8. But this new event just doesn't look fun. It's a chore. If you can't think of a good event in time, then postpone it. You don't have to release an event every so often if you're running low on ideas. It's better to be late with a good presentation than to rush it just to finish it on time. I have to take the stats of 20 items and match them with the items themselves? That's so tedious. Why don't you have us go count how many oak trees are scattered around Varrock?
  9. That looks delicious. Here I thought store bought, canned ravioli was good enough but now... I want more. Come to my house soon please thank you
  10. Lmao, you're gonna get some lashback on the first part. Keep it there. Please. But, respectable reasons for leaving tbh, when it begins to go from something you enjoy to something you dread returning to, you should make a change. Or when it becomes a chore and you've lost interest. Good luck at the gym though
  11. I'll get in on this. France.
  12. There's no reason to leave open a thread that has a trend of people either picking a fight / starting drama or spamming with shit like "play with fire you get burned" "burn baby burn". It's not just that a couple people did it, the whole thread was leaning that direction.
  13. A fair amount of posts were unconstructive, useless and altogether spam. They were punished, but there was still a trend of "Play with fire, you'll get burned :/" "Burn baby burn!" that was just outright useless. Aside from that, the purpose of the thread has been fulfilled as stated by Taalq, there was feedback for how Thomas handled the situation. If the admins do view it, they have enough information to make a decision. You weren't adding anything constructive to the topic at hand. So therefore it was spam.