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  1. I need items

  2. Saw this happening in the future, Congratulations my brow @Woody2097
  3. I would like to see boss tasks co-op don't think co-op regular slayer is needed.
  4. No support sorry would take away the rsps feeling

    1. Lisaax


      Can I lick your tears 

    2. Grinderpoint
  6. Gz dude
  7. So with this reset i want to show my process during these rebuilding times and startup my old series again. I started with combat level 3 Regular pick this is the progress I've made since I started. http://prntscr.com/fixkst http://prntscr.com/fixl2y http://prntscr.com/fixl6r http://prntscr.com/fixlbc Thanks for reading :-). P.S. I will try to update this thread every Sunday of the week.
  8. You can ask Tyler to promote you to dicer and state you're dice host rank on forums, further i don't know what was spoken off. as far for Super donator you need to have video proof or an Invoice number to proof you're an Super donator. Hope i could help.
  9. Agree, but not only soul points also barrows repair and shit like that.
  10. savage
  11. Became Staff ez and hates me <3
  12. hi, I made this thread so people could think of items to be added to the shop that will be added later on. Later on I will make a poll with the items so the community can vote what they rather preffer in the shop. Here are some items i'd like to see; -Colered Ranger Boots -Eek! (A scary spider) -Dragon Kite -Different colors of wovan @Pb600
  13. Nice update, i love to see that the Dz2 is back
  14. Welcome to Grinderscape! If you need any help with in-game or forums content feel free to pm me.