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  1. As super restores now are notable I really think saradomin flasks should be as well. It would make selling and buying them a lot easier and just overall create a better playing experience. They are also notable on RuneScape.
  2. Aysar is your account, aysar is blacklisted. That means that your're banned from buying, even on other accounts. You knew you were blacklisted on aysar, why are you trying to defend yourself? That's what i could understand from the text though, ask your parents for help with english.
  3. Congratulations, get all pets now, madman!
  4. I think instances will come soon, nothing will probably happen before that, so we'll see about this after that update.
  5. Since the day ironman mode was released pretty much
  6. Yeah so, today i completed it It took some time... but a world's first
  7. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. More items should be available in the slayer/participation shop. The slayer system is better than it was before, only the shop isn't.
  9. Wow, nice clan you guys got there
  10. yeah, the spearers are surely in a perfect clump and if you splash once, they've already speared 2-3 times, so, if you haven't read what i've said, freezing spearers doesn't do shit. You know what this is? a suggestion thread, there is not a single spear counter that works, and it's a problem. freezing them doesn't accomplish anything at all, since they've already gotten 2 specs off. the weapon costs 1m and does more than a vine? I'm suggesting this to make it balanced, and all the "counters" that has been said here are completely bs. and that's what i'm telling everyone. I haven't lost bank to spearers and i'm not butthurt it, i find pking boring now when there's nothing to do against spears.
  11. So, your solution is to simply not risk anything above 30 wild? what's the difference? well, i'll tell you, with spears you can't eat food, with anything else, you can. Then you go on about making the spec required higher? you just said nothing needed to be done and not to complain about it? You just said that it would need 30-35% for spec, and that was even one of my suggestions for nerfs??
  12. Yeah, most likely.
  13. ah, you couldn't think of any more awesome "counters". what a shame. next time i'll spec with my sol, and pray to rngesus, and i sure will look out for those spearers, so i can just sit there and do nothing. end of rant
  14. haha, just debunking every single claim everyone is making about it being the same as rs. First you were trying to make it look like it was the same as rs, and now when it turned out not to be, you completely changed your view?