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  1. Yeah fuck off, simply the best statement gl broski
  2. I already subbed mine
  3. fuck you idiot
  4. is it possible to get dragon rider gear on here? x x
  5. np doe bro xx
  6. might be back sooner or later xx
  7. Why do I do a lot of things?
  8. I am glad, I entered but idk if I'm in it still
  9. cya soon though brennan
  10. Bro I'm sorry just remember I'll always be your friend no matter what! Thanks For being a good guy Ples jess baby don't cry I'll be around sometimes just checking out what's happening and stuff Bryan died from smoking too many darts carol Yeah dude had a blast maybe 1 day it will continue
  11. Charlie fuck off fat dog love you xx love you boys xxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxo
  12. Omg I forgot to mention you, But I am bro I'm sorry :c xx
  13. Hello fellow Grinderscape members today I hereby am saying my goodbyes, This actually does suck a lot and something I don't want to do but it's happening. I first came to Grinderscape 3 and a half years ago just for something to do to fill in my time while playing rs3 and what not, I fell in love with this game I couldn't get enough of it because it was fun the people were nice and I was maxed within 2 weeks within playing on my first account, I then went along and made my pure wear. that is when I got addicted to this game I used to shred the fuck out of that pure while hunting for that ss rank , I was apart of Kop for a long time and during the time I was in that cc I met the best guy I've ever met before and that ofcourse is @Jamie, Jamie was going to block me from getting my kiln but then he told his cc to get off me and since that day I absolutely love the kid to pieces. from that day was the day I can say I met a best mate. You're the best kid I've met in a long time Jamie and I appreciate you. I then went from kop to spectrum where I was spending 5 hours a day helping away in the cc to manage to get admin in it then get asked to be a server supporter, everything I worked for finally worked out to be something great, In the 2 weeks I was ss I learnt a lot of things about respecting others and what not unfortunately I got demoted for some fucked up shit but I look back at that and laugh now and find it funny still to this day. After I got demoted I rwt and that led to me getting banned for 6 months or so which was probably a good thing, I came back to the server after being banned to still find noobs that I was good friends with were playing, I love the fact you boys still hang around and play the server and hopefully you're still here for many more years to come. But yeah my time here has come to an end. Mentions @Saim - first off, You're a pretty decent kid but can also be a toss at times but hey so can everyone, You were one of the blokes that always believed in me from start to finish and even those these last few weeks have been rocky as fuck with me being a lil cunt glad you still are a mate. @Angel - I fucking love you angel, You're a very kind kid and honestly hope we never lose connections because I love you buddy so much!! <3 @Sir Wizard - Yeah nic you're my favourite mod because you let me off with a lot of things that I should have been muted for haha but that's not the only good thing about you, I love your sense of humour and I can actually joke around with you a bit man it's great haha. @Acolyte - Joe thanks for being a good bloke from day 1, I still remember when you got ss haha. I love you dude and hope for the best. @Tpid - Charlie you're a cunt, nah love you bro ty for add on snapchat. @Gygax - Tarquin tarquin tarquin, I am harsh as fuck on you because I hate you so fucking much but hey, I do think you're a good lad man and honestly most of the shit I say to you is just an absolute pisstake (example) best banter in gs for a while but nah it was just fun and games really have no hard feelings on you bro. stay safe Liam. @seann - S34NN you're a good kid and hopefully your step sister hits me up on them dm's cause she fit. @Icarly65 - Chris man I will always remember the bubbly inactive65 because you're always so friendly and I love it when you flame me back holy fuck it's great!!! just like this @Lisaax - Jess you do need to send me nudes sometimes soon, Hit up my pm and send me that sc name ;), nah have fun cutie talk to you sometime soon and gz on that ss rank. @Opy - Michael, you're deadset such a good kid I love watching yo snapchat storys and honestly just love you in general my dude, stay safe in the world and hit me up with a sc bro!! @Soccerlove - Mr Ronald I know you wont look at this but thanks for being dad to everyone on the server <3 @Russ - Hi sir, I would like to say thanks for everything you're such a good kid. I will never forget you because you're a lad. ( russ also played phone down 55 times in the space of 3 hours in discord) But love you man!! @Colt - Colt thank you so much for inspiring me to get into gfx work my dude, I honestly look up to you and thankyou so much for being an absolute legend and such a good dude, I love you man. @Tabor you are a little fag but you're my fag, keep talking to me on messenger homo @Nucleus haha Braedon I will miss you mycdude but I'll be sure to talk to you on discord sometime soon have fun dude xx @Zod - hey bro, thank you for everything I appreciate what you did for me and how much of a superstar you were. I love you Adam and I hope you still talk to me on Facebook because I would really like that thanks bru xx So for anyone who I missed I'm sorry but these people right here are my mains on gs. I will be sure to come back sometime soon to check up on how the server is going and stuff but for the meantime I'll just be chilling on forums. I wish everyone on grinderscape the safest year and years to come and I hope you all get spoilt for christmas because that fat cunt santa gonna be coming down that chimney in like 9 months? Insane I know, But yeah thanks all for being such great people. The only way to end this thread is with a big FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS <3 Peace out from Bryan xx
  14. I miss u heap and heap xxx
  15. shit kid