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  1. I know I havent been around as much to even so much relate to most of yall, but I wish you guys the best 2017, with lots of happiness, fun and awesomeness. Have a great year and ill perhaps catch you guys around when I get around to it ^^
  2. Bruh, this is nicely done. And ofcourse I believed in you, and I still do. Although Im not around anymore because I simply cant be arsed to, I just know that you're doing a great job. People can change, and people should respect that and give everyone who tries to change a second chance. You totally deserved that second chance and you are rocking it
  3. #dour4bestpker
  4. That made 0 sense my man. Anyways, voted for #9, looks the darkest to me.
  5. oh my Austin, I see you have done a great job in helping out the server, congratulations buddy! Good luck with your new duties
  6. Jaja Nic congrats buddy, Im sure you'll do great
  7. What do you get out of this Twitter thing?
  8. So yeah, my time has come as well.. Due to the limited spare time I have on my hands, it's in no way, shape or form enough to be able to keep my ranked position in Spectrum. Therefore I am resigning as moderator in the cc. I want to thank the staff for having me on the team again, it's been a blast. During my time I have met loads of (new) people and I'm gutted to leave the team. Good luck to all the new recruiters, and ofcourse you guys going for mod/admin as well. I will still be around from time to time, so if you catch me online feel free to hit me up for a chat. I'd like that. I wont make this post much longer than necessary, everyone who spent time with me online know what I think about you and this isn't a farewell per se so imma just tag y'all who were important for me during my time here. @Tyler, @K yle, @Sma11zplz, @God Sam, @evow, @Saim, @Boibandido, @icarly 65, @Ridok, @Sophie, @Jakey Poo, @TimyTheThief, @Sir Wizard, @Jordan, @Havinfun85, @Woody, @Nefarix, @An Old Puppy, @Mystery Ltd, @Aa Cc Ii Dd, @Tragicv3, @So Yontoo welp for some reason i cant tag anyone right now, so ill add that in later if i dont forget. ill also be adding names because i forget people Regards, Thijs
  9. Sick, congrats man! gotta love those clues ^^
  10. simply amazing, I can't get over how lucky you are to have spotted him. WOW
  11. I'm still a better pker. but gz
  12. Oh damn bro, stay strong! Try to make the most out of life whilst you still can.
  13. thanks for errythang koen! hope to see you around ingame still!
  14. Dear Grinderscape community, As the title of this thread indicates, I am hereby resigning from my position as Server Supporter. During my time as Server Supporter I've had lots of fun and I really enjoyed doing it. I care for the community so it's been a blast helping out. The reason that I'm resigning is because I just don't have enough time on my hands to merit this position. Ever since university started again I've come short in time to play. There's just too much going on for me to play and I believe as staff you should be active, otherwise you'll be just holding a rank you aren't worthy of. My time spent online has drastically dropped the last weeks because of this, and it'll just drop more and more. I'm actually gutted having to make this decision but I believe it's for the best. To add to this, I am hereby resigning from the OMM team and Event team as well, for the same reasons I stated above. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to the staff team for giving me the chance of staffing, and also for the great work they're doing for the benefit of the server. I've now learned what it is to be staff, and it can take it's toll on you. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute of staffing, but overall it was a great experience and if I had enough time I wouldn't have resigned, but oh well. I am not quiting, just going to continue playing with helping out in Spectrum as my main focus. Thanks for reading, and see you guys around in-game. Regards, Shwoop