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  1. I support everything here! tyvm for suggesting
  2. what is this


    ea rb

  3. Lolwot, who r you again? lucky I wasn't there, ea rb
  4. again! nicely done boys ea rb
  5. Cool update, can we unlock my host pls. (for like the 5th time)
  6. Nicely done boys, sadly I wasn't around for this. ea rb
  7. dis is why we need you jordy pls <3
  8. HOLY FUCK, this is super helpful. I honestly did not know how to write one of these but you've actually/fully deconstructed it with proper English! something we don't see in today's world. I'm sure i'll be getting much much much more street cred if I start writing like this, hmmm. I should be a poet, wow! good idea man, thanks to you this could all come true! I personally think I'm as fake as a person can get, i'm so fucking fake when it comes to things like this, like fake like.. religion bro fake like religion i think im even more fake than religion you know, even though i'ma real g im fake asf and u already know it. I'm taking your advice and writing line by line because this obviously makes me looks cool af and i know it, so do all of you people reading this, if you skip this you're obviously gay. I think this has taken immediate effect on me because i feel the knowledge surging through my vains, i feel mucho godly writing this 52thousand word essay right now, like holy shit i'm on top of the world. once again, much gracias to u my amigo mere dreams kadhe vi true nai hon geh je tu ni hai so shukria nale sas ri kal urs sincerely, ridok/amniner/dairy owner
  10. @Jamie Get's my vote, Jamie is one who goes out of his way to help others, he is an outgoing player/person. He helps anyone, anytime and at any place. Jamie has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to helping people, he is also god of pvp in which he just obliterates other players, this helps them to get better and be more of a challenge next time. Good luck Jamie, ea rb.
  11. helpful, think i might start staff hunting and get ss in 2 weeks bro support me
  12. gzgz, been at it for a long time but you took a break so it's kind of a fresh start. nevertheless the other staff are around to help you so no hesi on behalf of, ea rb
  13. pretty good at the game dude on behalf of , ea rb
  14. fawkn good at the game mr. leader ea rb
  15. another pointless thread, I'm again here for comment points n I like ur sig lmao