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peach effort

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  1. can you show were i complained you cheese stick
  2. Just wanting to see how the community feels about PvP.
  3. bryon #1 grinder player
  4. hey, could you update us about the database?
  5. I know you probably don't remember me, but hope everything is going well for you.
  6. Damn man, it's alright we all make mistakes and keep in touch ehh?
  7. Okay, my suggestion is if that staff check the appeals how is it even possible to go 15 days without a reply... like honestly not being mean or whatever you want to call it it's part of your job to monitor the forums. also not checking appeals or anything that players need help in will lead them to raging and will either make them have a punishment\further their punishment\or give them no chance of getting unbanned or unmuted or even unjailed. so pretty much my point is see it from their POV first if their raging because its kinda your fault in the first place, pretty inexcusable to go 15+ days without replying to a post that SHOULD be monitored daily,if not hourly.and before anyone gets mad im not aiming this at anyone its just a suggestion :clap: . so leave me some feedback on what you think. Regards, Peach Effort
  8. and dis is why I love kovu.