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  1. Dear players, Today we decided to promote Icarly65 from In-game Moderator to Elite Moderator. @Icarly65 has been doing a great job as a Moderator for quite some time now, and we believe he's up for the next task. Chris lives in USA (GMT+5) & will be helping out mostly here. Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial. Congratulations Chris , and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff
  2. after the way you acted after you left, we are not letting you back on the OMM team. OMM's are mean't to maintain a professional attitude in-game and we do not think you are capable of doing that.
  3. what i did ? i did some thing to be sad?

  4. let me know why u won't unbaneed

  5. hey bro what i want do to do now?

    1. just for 0p

      just for 0p

      hi bro :D

      let me know why u won't un baneed me

  6. why u wont give me more chance?


  7. acolyte why appeals archive?

  8. bro just explain to me why u wont answer to me and why u mad on me?¬¬

  9. fact will explain every thing:)

  10. i maded ticket about just for 0p but why u cant unbaneed it bro?

  11. hi acolyte


    1. just for 0p

      just for 0p

      Acolyte bro only i want the items i won't the account i worked alot to get this items

  12. Just going to Deny your application right now. Not only were you just pended 3 days ago, but you used the exact same application. Give it some time before you re-apply, preferably 2 weeks. Also, don't use the same application.
  13. bit I gived them the offer bro scamed first ik but I gived them the claws and didn't know I have to get omm to buy and sell so I'm sorry.. can I get it back please..