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  1. Joe

  2. Hello everyone! Welcome to Grinderscapes monthly voting lottery! I'll quickly explain how it works. The concept is simple; to enter the lottery, all you need to do is vote and show a picture of you having voted, make sure the picture includes you obtaining at least 6 vote points. In other words, this lottery is completely free to enter! How to enter: Take a screenshot of the following things in your game chat: *The message thanking you for voting *The amount of voting points received must be at least half of all the voting points you can get (6 out of 9) *Your In-Game name in the bottom left *The day's date written into the chat space Example: Once you've taken a picture like the one above, all you need to do now is go back to this thread, and post it as a reply. When you post your entry, also note how many times you've entered so far; the person with the most entries, and so the most votes, will also be awarded with a prize. There's no limit for how many times can you enter, it's all up to how many times you vote a day. Note though, you may only post an entry every 12 hours. Now, the way this lottery will be drawn is practically the same. When the lottery is closed, I will go through the thread and check how many replies we received, and use that with Random.org like in the weeks before. When I close the lottery on Sunday at noon (my time), you may post things that aren't entries. If you post non-entry posts on the thread before that, the post will be deleted, and you may be infracted. Prizes: Most Votes: Steadfast Boots Jackpot + Torva set + Divine/Arcane/Ely 1st Place: +++ Armadyl Godsword + Dragon Claws + Membership Ticket + Blue Halloween Mask 2nd Place: + Hand Cannon + Divine 3rd Place + Red Staff of Light + Blue Staff of Light 4th Place Coloured Party Hat 5th Place Rune Party Hat Good luck to everyone that entered! - The Event Team
  3. Yell cost 50% less credits. Possibility to skip 60 waves in Fight Caves. Reduced cost to skip waves at Fight Caves. Change Prayers from quest tab. 20 seconds of invulnerability after killing a player at wild. 20% Chance of not degrading Castle Wars Bracelet. 15% extra Castle Wars score reward. Change Spell Book from quest tab. Slayer assignments reduced by 50% (When over 100) 50 Extra slots in the bonesack. 80 Extra bank space. 10% of boost on Mysterious box rewards. 50% reduced time to leave wild after performing an attack Pool effect: 0,5% drop chance boost. Pool effect: 75% extra reward XP. Pool effect: 100% Accuracy and damage boost. Donator zones with magic trees and more! There are actually a lot more benefits than just an island Yell credits have been in-game for as long as i can remember. Seeing as they're not expensive and it's easy to make GP, i do not support this
  4. good im resigning now
  5. Hello everyone. Today we decided to promote Nucleus to Server Support! @Nucleus has been doing a fantastic job in-game for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to join the staff team once again. Nucleus lives in Australia (GMT +10) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Nucleus will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Braedon, and good luck!
  6. Spectrum Application Review Accepted, Ever since your last application, you really worked on your consistency with helping & we have taken notice. Congratulations, you earned it. Accepted, Like mrlebeaudry, you've really improved on your consistency since you stepped down from your recruiter rank. I'm sure i don't have to tell you, but you need to keep it up in order to keep the rank. If you go back to your old ways, the same thing will happen. Congratulations. Accepted, You have been doing a good job in the clan-chat since you returned to Grinderscape. Keep up the good work.
  7. that's enough stupid for one thread
  8. Hello everyone. Today we decided to promote Gramatik to Server Support! @4 Agent 7 has been doing a fantastic job in-game for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to take on the Server Support position. Gramatik lives in Greece (GMT +2) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Gramatik will be on a two week trial. Congratulations Panos, and good luck!
  9. tyvm for the help i changed my pass now and wrote it down

  10. Welcome back to Grinderscape, have fun
  11. Prizes: Jackpot: ++ Red Infinity set + Red Staff of Light + Donator Rank 1st Place (a): 325M + Donator Rank + Black H'ween 1st Place (b): 325M + Donator Rank + Black Party Hat 2nd Place: 260M Spirit Shield Set 3rd Place 195M Santa hat 4th Place 130M Balmung 5th Place 65M Chaotic Crossbow Winners: Jackpot - ipkkinkbmx - PAID First Place (A) - Baselzoubi First place (B) - silent zola Second Place - cheylex - PAID Third Place - Tulochas - PAID Fourth Place - Supercharge Fifth Place - Maxime123143 - PAID Congratulations to the winners! If you didn't win this time, don't worry, we hold these lottery events every other week so be sure to enter in the next one! Message Icarly65, Statefarm23, Or Tyler to recieve your prizes in-game.
  12. Spectrum Application Review Accepted, You've been doing a great job in the clan-chat ever since you were promoted to Recruiter and we believe you're ready to take the next step. Congratulations. Denied, You just recently came back and your attitude has seem to change quite a bit, which is a good thing. I want to make sure that your current attitude is here to stay and that you can consistently help in the clan-chat before you re-join the team. Pending, You have been doing alright in the clan-chat, but you could be a tad inconsistent at times. There have been times where not only me, but a few of the other admins have been on and you wouldn't say anything for quite a while. You don't have to help every second you're online, but you have to be consistent to achieve the moderator rank. Work on your consistency and re-apply in 1-2 weeks. Denied, You did not mention to any spectrum staff member that you weren't able to get online (trust me, we've checked the chat). On top of that, we haven't even seen you much from you in-game since your application. I know you have what it takes to be a recruiter as you've done it before. Continue to do what you did last time, and re-apply in 1-2 weeks.
  13. I've always been down for a new home teleport, but maybe not Lumbridge If it were to be moved, you should still re-spawn in Edgeville when you die so it's easier for pkers
  14. Hello and welcome back to the official Grinderscape lottery! I know i haven't hosted one of these in quite a long time, but seeing as it's the new year, i thought we'd give it another shot. Each week or so, the winners will be chosen at random, using a random number generator (Random.org). This lottery is community based, and all entry money goes to the week's winners, so nobody makes money off of this except for the winners. If you end up winning, you have exactly 7 days to claim your prize; if you fail to do so, your prize will be recycled and used in the next lottery. Each entry ticket costs 10m GP If you would like to enter your name more than once, you may buy up to 3 tickets, each costing 10m GP. NOTE : You can only enter with ONE account! If you enter with more than 1 account and you win a prize, you will be terminated from the lottery and we will use the prize again in a new lottery. If you would like to enter talk to either one of these people: Acolyte Tyler Icarly65 Saim Sir Wizard Irish3601 J A I Z Straightkill Blake Koen121 Dragenforce2 Sma11zplz Grinderlot So Yontoo Statefarm23 If you wish to enter the lottery, pm any of the people listed above and pay them 10-30m (10m per entry). The winners will be drawn and announced the following Sunday. If you won, simply pm Icarly65 or Tyler to receive your prize. Good luck! Prizes: Jackpot: ++ Red Infinity set + Red Staff of Light + Donator Rank 1st Place (a): 325M + Donator Rank + Black H'ween 1st Place (b): 325M + Donator Rank + Black Party Hat 2nd Place: 260M Spirit Shield Set 3rd Place 195M Santa Hat 4th Place 130M Balmung 5th Place 65M Chaotic Crossbow Good luck everybody! Entries: 1. Mcburdy 2. Soar Crude 3. Supercharge 4. Mrlebeaudry 5. Maxime123143 6. Lilly Pichuu 7. The unsc 8. Laurateen 9. Lone Samurai 10. Witless 11. Turmoil Mad 12. Saher Khier 13. Tulochas 14. Koen121 15. Sweet Weed 16. Lv3 Boi 17. Vher77 18. Pyk 19. An Old Puppy 20. Ace Ventura 21. aurimuks 22. smokkeweed 23. purestaker 24. minecraft99 25. silent zola 26. kissashley 27. dairy king 28. 079mage079 29. adam1343 30. the revenant 31. piqui 32. saher khier 33. y a n k i 34. zzzagszzz 35. zoiezo 36. meat duck 37. evandro2008 38. seann 39. lux v2 40. 2boy33 41. ipkkinkbmx 42. DKNL 43. Pifas 44. Lisaax 45. N32 46. Destinyfear 47. Zupanova 48. Tiltlord 49. Livewer 50. Kriipzz 51. Skeptron 52. Archonlord 53. Cura 54. Aguy 55. Baselzoubi 56. Cinderblock 57. Lost fury 58. itz skuller 59. warevilt 60. cursors 61. cheylex 62. trans4mer8 63. daganothking 64. draslayer30 65. chelly 66. Hoopstront 67. Pk Killer3 68. jladams 69. stoned titan 70. glennie509 71. hi hloll 72. timmehhhh 73. ermo17 74. nexmychewtoy 75. mrlebeaudry 76. range to dds 77. harys258 78. vechtking 79. Mcburdy 80. Soar Crude 81. Supercharge 82. Mrlebeaudry 83. Maxime123143 84. Lilly Pichuu 85. The unsc 86. Laurateen 87. Lone Samurai 88. Witless 89. Turmoil Mad 90. Saher Khier 91. Tulochas 92. Koen121 93. Sweet Weed 94. Lv3 Boi 95. Vher77 96. Pyk 97. An Old Puppy 98. Ace Ventura 99. aurimuks 100. smokkeweed 101. purestaker 102. minecraft99 103. silent zola 104. kissashley 105. dairy king 106. 079mage079 107. adam1343 108. the revenant 109. piqui 110. saher khier 111. y a n k i 112. zzzagszzz 113. zoiezo 114. meat duck 115. evandro2008 116. seann 117. lux v2 118. 2boy33 119. ipkkinkbmx 120. DKNL 121. Pifas 122. Lisaax 123. N32 124. Destinyfear 125. Zupanova 126. Tiltlord 127. Kriipzz 128. Skeptron 129. Archonlord 130. Aguy 131. Baselzoubi 132. Cinderblock 133. Lost fury 134. itz skuller 135. warevilt 136. cheylex 137. trans4mer8 138. daganothking 139. draslayer30 140. chelly 141. Hoopstront 142. Pk Killer3 143. jladams 144. stoned titan 145. glennie509 146. hi hloll 147. timmehhhh 148. ermo17 149. nexmychewtoy 150. mrlebeaudry 151. range to dds 152. harys258 153. vechtking 154. Mcburdy 155. Soar Crude 156. Supercharge 157. Mrlebeaudry 158. Maxime123143 159. Lilly Pichuu 160. The unsc 161. Laurateen 162. Lone Samurai 163. Witless 164. Turmoil Mad 165. Saher Khier 166. Tulochas 167. Koen121 168. Sweet Weed 169. Lv3 Boi 170. Pyk 171. An Old Puppy 172. Ace Ventura 173. aurimuks 174. smokkeweed 175. purestaker 176. minecraft99 177. silent zola 178. kissashley 179. dairy king 180. 079mage079 181. adam1343 182. the revenant 183. piqui 184. saher khier 185. y a n k i 186. zzzagszzz 187. zoiezo 188. meat duck 189. evandro2008 190. seann 191. lux v2 192. 2boy33 193. ipkkinkbmx 194. DKNL 195. Pifas 196. Lisaax 197. N32 198. Destinyfear 199. Tiltlord 200. Kriipzz 201. Skeptron 202. Archonlord 203. Aguy 204. Baselzoubi 205. Cinderblock 206. lost fury 207. itz skuller 208. warevilt 209. cheylex 210. trans4mer8 211. daganothking 212. draslayer30 213. chelly 214. Hoopstront 215. jladams 216. stoned titan 217. glennie509 218. hi hloll 219. timmehhhh 220. ermo17 221. mrlebeaudry 222. range to dds 223. harys258
  15. hey acolyte when are you going to unbann my account bellee40 ?