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  1. i'm in love wit money i'm in love wit ballin'

    1. Dragenforce2


      i am in live with the coco

  2. Elite Clue scroll

    i don't know much about clue scrolls but try looking at this guide, it should help
  3. What happened to so many items?

    stat/vesta/chaotics all degrade now and elite armour was nerfed
  4. North Korea threatens to strike Guam

    wipe that bitch (kim jong-un) off the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Destiny 2 - PS4

    Not sure if i'm going to end up buying it or not I played the beta and it seemed very similar to the previous destiny so idk
  6. Grinderscape #Castlewars

    Nice video, anz should've let us cap the flag
  7. my money keep runnin like forrest gump

  8. BANG PK Video V

    Nice video kodak is trash
  9. Weekly/Monthly Server Events?

    We've been trying to host more events in Spectrum cc. Most of the time there aren't enough staff online or not enough people to participate, but you can expect to see more events. We also have an event team that hosts in-game and forum events ( https://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/66-events/ )
  10. help

    No, i don't believe they switch ranks anymore.
  11. Fairness.

    yes let's give everyone on a team unlimited dice credits, donator days, no yell timer if he does have dicer and didn't donate for it himself, then Pb chose to give it to him. Not everything in life is going to be fair, deal with it
  12. Beach For A Week

    inactive65 living up to his name, nice have fun at the beach
  13. in new york i milly rock

    1. Dragenforce2


      is that in Canada

    2. Carl
    3. Icarly65


      No more status updates for you pharaoh 

  14. BLING BLAOW new vid asketittt

    cool vid man cool song nice job