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  1. play wit that money like peek a boo

  2. are u stupid grats evow, well deserved
  3. ye ye, i just help ppl and still denied :fp: omg man, ask anyone in game i help all, and help mods/elite mods

    1. Acolyte


      yeah, you also hack all and flame all

    2. no1dicer


      still say hack? :fp: if i hack, why im unban? and u now just fucked me
      im old in this game, and if i hack ppl, how im poor for now? anf if i know that fucking hacker i had to know more idea about card, i was do something and be super donator or extreme, u just dont need to make me mm, ik that :fp:
      whatever u say, u still my sir



  4. denied, i'm denying your application for obvious reasons. (you should know why) I don't want you to keep on wasting your time on making new applications because to be honest with you, we will most likely never let you on the OMM team. At least not for a very, very long time.
  5. There is currently only two people who are capable of doing account recoveries. One of them being the co-owner, who has multiple things to do before he can even check the recoveries. Which leaves the elite mod (icarly65). You aren't the only person who has made an account recovery thread in the past 50 hours. I just resigned as in-game administrator a week or so ago, and let me tell you, there are AT LEAST 10-20 recoveries posted in one day. You can not expect a normal person to do that much, he is not a robot. Your thread will get answered, you're just going to have to be patient.
  6. Denied, Sorry, but we're going to have to deny you, once again. Over the past few days, i've seen you frequently get involved with PK drama over yell and at edgeville. Which as you may or may not know, is not acceptable for an OMM. Also, don't take this personally, but myself and the OMM recruiters do not find you trustworthy and do not think you are capable of being an OMM.
  7. Pending, There's just one thing holding you back from getting OMM. I've heard from several people that you tend to "act out" from time to time and as you probably know, that is not acceptable behaviour for OMM's. I know it may sound stupid, but we try to keep the OMM team behaving in a professional manor at all times. You aren't an untrustworthy person. All you have to do is work on your behaviour and re-apply in a week's time (a week from this reply, not your application).
  8. mhm, i like it thanks for the update, lou. Keep em comin
  9. Activity for staff members has and always will be important. If you're only going to be on 3 hours a week, what's the point? you're better off promoting someone else who is more active and more deserving of the rank. I know this may sound dumb, but think of it as a job. Show up 3 times a week and you'll get fired and replaced. They also can't promote another person to "share" the preferred TSO. With the current player base, there's no need to have 15+ staff members As for the actual feedback, i disagree with most of it. Whenever i'm online, i see all the staff helping in-game quite a bit, especially the ss's. You obviously don't know what it's like, but being a staff member and having to balance helping on yell/spectrum/pm's/forums/discord isn't very easy
  10. Hi welcome back to grinderscape make me a signature
  11. congrats mustard
  12. this only happens to me when i'm on my phone, not too sure why it happens or how to fix it try using a different browser?
  13. Hello and welcome to the Grinderscape official lottery! This time around, we're going to be trying something a little different. If this turns out well and receives good reviews, we will continue to host it this way monthly. Here's how it's going to work: - Instead of buying entries for 10m each, you are able to use any item to purchase entries. - Every 20m that you donate, you will get 1 entry. (Note: the total price of your donation will be based upon the price list) - You will only be able to donate up to 300m - We will not accept mass junk items - You are only allowed to enter on one account. - The lowest priced item we will accept is 5m - The winners will be selected the same way as the in-game lottery we used to host. (Chosen randomly) - There will be ONE winner who wins every item that was used for the entries. - On top of the one Jackpot winner, there will be a total of 3 winners. 1st place - 12b 2nd place - 10b 3rd place - 8b You can enter the lottery by private messaging anyone of these players in-game: Tyler Icarly65 Saim J A I Z Sir Wizard Irish3601 Boibandido Zoiezo Woody2097 Acolyte So Yontoo Straightkill *Note: This is the first time hosting the lottery this way, so i apologize in advance if there are any sort of hiccups. Also, If you have any ideas on how i can improve the lottery, please shoot me a private message.*
  14. bye

    i've been contemplating this for a while now and i've finally decided to resign being an admin really killed this game for me and i just couldn't do it anymore i'm not quitting Grinderscape, as i'm still excited for the up coming updates. Not having the obligation of being an in-game admin will allow me to enjoy the actual game more, so you guys will still see me around (if i get unbanned)
  15. acolyte please unban me account g3n3r4l i no log other account more