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  1. Jad

    i never supported you but congratulations
  2. maybe i'm just really stupid, but i don't see magnata calling you a "spastic fuck" or even insulting you for that matter. you're the only one who deserved a mute in this situation.
  3. ^^
  4. like i told you in-game, you need your invoice id/receipt. if you find it, type "::return (invoice id) (e-mail)"
  5. welcome back
  6. 101 547 866
  7. Acolyte / Pharaoh
  8. before you complain about not getting any items back, look up the definition of a DONATION. you will get your ranks back for sure, but i can't imagine they will refund any items/premium points.
  9. complaining, complaining and more complaining i've had to empty my bank TWICE, lost 500b+ and over 2 years of work, but do i give a shit? no. It's a runescape private server, who cares this has actually reignited my passion for grinderscape that i haven't had for quite a long time. i'm really looking forward to this fresh start and the upcoming updates.
  10. cringe this is exactly how bans work. the ban duration gets longer and longer every time you break a rule and from the looks of it, you're not capable of following the rules and ruined your last chance.
  11. mining is already easy as it is no need to make it even easier
  12. Accepted you've been actively helpful in-game for a good amount of time now and have the proof to show for it. congratulations.
  13. seeing as you've been trolling in-game since your very recent return and spent a good 1 minute on your application, we're going to have to deny you. stop trolling, start trying to get mm's with supervision (don't forget to take screenshots) and re-apply in 1-2 weeks.