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  1. Nice On behalf of PerfectHit
  2. Nice vid. I can't gear up so I'll drop a deslike. On behalf of Username AK7.
  3. Triggering people @pm

    1. Kyle


      Need help/got questions? Pm me. 


  4. Nice suggestion. Also, what about a rank for those who trigger others? @Kay
  5. Congratulations Ayyoub. . On behalf of Dragenforce
  6. Amazing collection. Give this man G designer or we'll riot.
  7. Lol you were developer? Kden. Just kidding, you've done a lot for this server man, thanks for everything. Now get yo ass back on Skype boy <3
  8. bye

    I liked the fact that you were pretty chill, and not as stuck up as others. You were a pretty good admin dude, sad to see you go. Does this mean me and Sander can call you a ng now? On behalf of Xiledcore
  9. ok on behalf of sven
  10. Neither look great tbh. First is just ugh and boring. The second's colour change is too sharp. Doesn't look good imo. I feel like better colours could be chosen. Therefore, I'll say the first. No point changing something if it isn't an improvement. On behalf of Security.
  11. Does this mean you're allowed to impersonate pb? oh, and ty for update. On behalf of Vape Lord Nord
  12. infracted - closed
  13. Ayyyyyy congrats bellend joe, you should never have been pushed out in the first place.
  14. Turkish tea is amazing.... but British tea is the best.