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  1. Accepted. You have came a long way since your last application and we feel you will be a great member of the team. Your work on the Discord bot and combining it with the wiki will be a great working feature. Welcome to the team and Congratulations. Thank you -Ryan
  2. Denied. I'm sorry but to be a Wiki Editor you need to be trusted and we don't trust you for a few reasons. Making a new forums account and applying for the rank after being denied on an alternate account. And also saying that I was talking bad about someone and telling me that they were talking bad about me when in fact we are both friends. We don't feel you are capable of being a wiki editor. If you want to become a Wiki Editor you will first need to gain our trust which will be very hard from now on and make a few decent guides. Thank you -Ryan
  3. An interesting one. Its different and I like it aha. Good luck to all who enter. Cant wait to see the outcome. -Ryan
  4. What did I tell you a few days ago. Keep up your hard work mate it pays off. A well deserved Promotion. -Ryan
  5. Conagratulations Zoiezo, well deserved promotion. You have been doing a good job in game and I think you will do a great job as a Moderator. Keep up the hard work. -Ryan
  6. Love the update pb. Thank you, I am really looking forward to these constant updates.
  7. All i saw was them Bandages mate aha good luck on reaching 10k of them
  8. Wow good luck with those targets mate. Your Ironman account will be a lot better than my normal account aha.
  9. Damn what an achievement. Congratulations on getting the pet within a few kills and a huge congratulations on getting max. whats next on your list? -Ryan
  10. Cheers for the heads up. Haven't seen much of these types of threads from you or from anyone. It is nice to see you getting involved and letting us know when maintenance will be carried out. Thank you @Grinder
  11. I really like it, Thank you Lou. Nice to see some good changes happening to the Forums. Keep it up.
  12. </3 take care mate.
  13. Denied We took some time over this application and came to the Decision to Deny your application. This is due to the fact that last time when you got accepted you didn't edit anything and then I had to demote you due to your actions. We can't trust that you will not pursue these actions again. Sorry. Thank you -Ryan
  14. Sad to see Amir gone but I know for sure that Saim will do a great job. Congratulations Saim and welcome to the Manager side
  15. Denied Unfortunately we don't feel you are capable of being a Wiki Editor. The reasons for this are that your "Very" recent guides seem rushed and are in-correct, You get into drama within the game and your English isn't at the level we would like for this Rank. Thank you - Ryan