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  1. Accepted. Congratulations. We think you have some great potential within the Wiki Team. You have created some very detailed guides and have shown that you are more than capable of collecting any data needed. We would like you to calm your attitude towards others though. Thank you. -Ryan
  2. Hcim xp rates get changed after the main pages get updated. Sorry for the delay. Most xp rates are still being changed or due to be changed by PB so we are also waiting for the changes to be complete first before changing them. Check the update thread in June for more information. Thank you -Ryan
  3. It's sad news about Evow, he was a hard worker it's sad that's he went innactive. Lego is a great member within grinderscape and helps in nearly every department. Huge expectations from him as a staff member. I know how great he works in a team. keep up the work on the staff team Tyler.
  4. Accepted. Congratulations and welcome to the team. You have a vast knowledge of Grinderscape and have some great ideas that we would love to work on with you. You are very much trusted and very active. Thank you. -Ryan
  5. Pending. We think that you have potential but first we would like to see a little bit more from you to see what you are capable of. Think of some ideas and become trusted withing Grinderscape and re apply. Thank you. -Ryan
  6. This is something you both didn't have to do, but I really appreciate it. Better get working towards that 1900 total level aha. Thank you for allowing this.
  7. Denied. We haven't seen anything from you to show that you are capable of becoming a Wiki editor. Please create a few guides and show you can be trusted in game before re applying. Thank you. -Ryan
  8. Denied. We will not be having any members of the wiki team just set to editing one section. The price guide will only be around for a short time longer and at the moment can't be updated much due to current updates. We can't have members of the Wiki team getting into drama with other players. Thank you for applying. -Ryan
  9. Accepted. You have a very clear understanding of Grinderscape and we feel you will be able to contribute a lot to the Wikipedia and our team. We would like to congratulate you on becoming a member of our team. Thank you. -Ryan
  10. Hey everyone. As the title says, it is holiday time woot woot. I will be on holiday from Sunday the 4th to Tuesday the 20th of this month. Time to say goodbye to my vote streak . If see anything wrong with the Wikipedia feel free to pm Suffer plox or Cypherdrone. They will both be more than happy to help. I am off to Mauritius with my Fiancee :D, I hope you all take care and I will see you all soon. -Ryan
  11. Great to see such a good turn out for this event. 1st - Outfit #2 - Thor's Army 2nd - Outfit #9 - The Prehistoric 3rd - Outfit #8 - The White Knights Goodluck everyone!
  12. Dear players Today I will be informing you of the updates carried out on the wiki over the month of May. These updates were carried out by Myself, Suffer pl0x and Cypher. Near the end of may we welcomed a new member to the team. This new member is Tyler, he will be working on connect the Wikipedia to the Discord channel. Many little changes are done all the time but for this thread I will just be informing you about the main updates that you will be noticing around the Wikipedia. A complete Clue Scroll guide was created https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/General_guides/Clue_Scrolls . This guide has all the information you need when trying your best to complete even the hardest of Scrolls. A Monster Hunting Guide on the Revenants was created https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Monster_hunting_guides/Revenants A complete page on how and what to use crystal keys for https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/General_guides/Crystal_Keys The new Wildy Wyrm boss was added to the drop list. https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/Drop_guides/Boss_drops Here you can find a list of what most of the Grinderscape bosses drop. A page has been created for each single item on the Price list. On these pages will be everything you need to know on the item you are looking at. Here is an example of one of these pages. https://wiki.grinderscape.org/Main_page/Guides/General_guides/Prices/Abyssal_vine_whip Most of these pages have been complete and we are continuing to add the links to the price list. Over the next week or so you will notice that all the items will have their own ink. Some XP's were reworked due to the updates by Pb600. All skilling experience points should be correct from now on. Future plans. We plan on creating a page for every single item in the game so you will be able to research for any item you wish for. A complete re-work will be done on the bossing guides as all the NPC'S were updated by PB600. A page explaining about the new Donator Skilling Points will be created. If you have any suggestions on some future plans you would like to see on the wiki , be sure to leave them in a comment below or create a wiki suggestion thread here https://forum.grinderscape.org/forum/64-wiki/ Thank you for taking the short time to check on the updates my small team and I are working on. -Ryan p.s Got to give a thanks to Dragenforce2 for the Wiki banner. He gets the job done very well. Huge thanks.
  13. Heard you were coming back and I couldn't wait to see if it was true. Welcome back Jordy. You have always done a great job with Grinderscape and even though you didn't need to help you still did and that shows a lot about a person. Thank you. -Ryan
  14. Accepted. You have came a long way since your last application and we feel you will be a great member of the team. Your work on the Discord bot and combining it with the wiki will be a great working feature. Welcome to the team and Congratulations. Thank you -Ryan
  15. Denied. I'm sorry but to be a Wiki Editor you need to be trusted and we don't trust you for a few reasons. Making a new forums account and applying for the rank after being denied on an alternate account. And also saying that I was talking bad about someone and telling me that they were talking bad about me when in fact we are both friends. We don't feel you are capable of being a wiki editor. If you want to become a Wiki Editor you will first need to gain our trust which will be very hard from now on and make a few decent guides. Thank you -Ryan