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  1. (Temp?) resigning

    Well guys, It's been a long run for me already now, but due to irl reasons I really am not/hardly able to get on anymore due to school mostly. I've been getting a huge load of assignments, internship tasks & my exams are coming up in a few weeks too and I unfortunately won't have any time left to moderate at all anymore. I've been getting more & more inactive, as most of you probably already noticed the past few weeks, which I'm sorry about. I thought it'd pass with my internship ending last Friday, but it's not. The tasks keep heaping up & I've been busy till 8 pm today again working for stuff just due tomorrow. I've put "temp?" because I will be resigning from my staff duties for now, but I most likely might/will return in the future when I get my irl situations sorted out. I've discussed it with Ron and he wants me to stay helping even after I resign, so I will still be helping out with middle man checks & stuff, just not dealing with any staff duties anymore as I don't have the time for it anymore right now. I've got staff pretty fast and grew even faster within the staff team, but this would not have been possible without all the people I've met on here. I've met so many great people here and I'd like to thank all of you for making it such a great journey. I'd like to specially thank Ron, Max, Byron & PB (& all the other ex-staff members of course too) for all the work they've done for Grinderscape and some are still doing it, almost no one knew how much time you spent/spend to keep everything going. Without you 4 I'd have never been where I was now, and I'm thankful that you gave me a chance in the past years. & I'm glad I got you back Ron. Some might not like your way of handling, but you've been the biggest asset to keeping Grinderscape together in these past 5-6+ years besides from PB, and no one should take that for granted. I could go on and on now about everything, but I'm gonna stop here now before it gets too long. Thanks for everything guys, it's been a great time, and maybe I'll be back soon, all depends how school & stuff turns out & I wish you all the best. Peace
  2. tomidaownages ban

    Since you guys really wanna make a fool of yourself, here's the proof. You're buying rsgp from someone & then tell him you're "selling for $". I don't see you anywhere near close to joking in there. Only when you got caught, suddenly it's a joke. We've had this same story happen plenty of times & it always turned out that they were rwting. It's not too hard to know you're not joking, and as I said, the ban stays.
  3. just can you think this from my side? 1 joke and banned. every1 does mistakes. I stop giveaways and stuff. its fine to me. i just want to be back online :)

  4. New In-game Administrator

    Dear players, Today we decided to promote Acolyte from Elite-Moderator to In-game Administrator. @Acolyte has been doing a great job for a long time now, and we believe he's up for the next task. Now there will be admin time covered over the American (GMT - 5) timezone, and everything should be going much better. Keep up the work Joe, and don't let us down. Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial, but we have no doubt that he'll do great. Congratulations again Joe, and good luck! Regards, GrinderScape Staff
  5. can you help me to recovery my acc now ?

    1. The Deity

      The Deity

       i need to recover my account Arcane

    2. Niels


      Have you guys made a post here yet?

  6. hey man i need your help to recovery my lost account name account is "gabriel", soccerlove talk my for i ask you for recover thanks

  7. For Those who's a Scaper'

    Closed as requested.
  8. Hi niels i have a questions how i can donate it back so i can get unban can you tell me how to get it back niels THANK YOU MAN! sorry for all this!

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Niels


      You disputed 50$ that we gave you items for in return, those items were gone & so were your 50$, you owe us 50$ in order to play again.

    3. luck go0d

      luck go0d

      The items that I bought wasn't in my bank, so does the 50 dollar I donated for that items. So, don't you think there is some kind of glitch or someone hacking the serve and me? Could you please explain this. Thank You.

    4. Niels


      Because you lost the items, so the items are still in-game. You have to pay back the 50$ you took away from us in order to play again.

  9. i dont understand what are you sayng?


  10. niels what about me?

    1. Niels


      Has it been 15 days yet since your previous appeal?

  11. niles check my post/help me

  12. Resignation - Jordy

    It's been a long run man, we've had to deal with a lot of stuff for so long, I'm glad you were there to deal with a lot. Thanks for everything you've done for me, the staff team, the server, for everyone. Without you we weren't be where we are right now with the current capabilities we have. I wish you the best of luck irl mate, and I'm sure we'll still talk from time to time!
  13. hey,i know first password:rbe3lolasd im really own this acc and last login i think ago 2 years help me to back it..becuse it sgood acc pk..thanks


    1. Niels


      Did you make an account recovery?