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  1. @Kay unnecessary comment
  2. triggered
  3. fucking hell its about time ResidentSleeper.. Have fun on 07 you freak
  4. endura but i'm permed
  5. - Me - Itsbraad - Qcpure Thanks!
  6. Let's go UK
  7. so, I was reading @dour 's stupid suggestion, so I thought i'd make an ever better suggestion. Why not segregate people who speak different languages into different areas of the map, for instance, put all the "cyka blyat" skid's in jail and all the finnish weirdo's on a small island. Another great idea is to lock all the NH freaks into clan wars white where they belong, but they have a 1% chance of escaping and finally making it to the real world. And ban all the flid's with degenerate names and make sure they don't ruin our perfect, amazing, really good combat, piff server. great suggestions, right?
  8. Good idea imo.
  9. LOL i cba
  10. are you joking
  11. This was my first time using C4D to motion track a 3D model, took ages cause I had no clue how to do it at first.
  12. The Bit @ 38 Seconds in mainly, would suite it i think.