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  1. i only bat and field, i use to bowl when i was in primary school but i got out of it because we had alot better bowlers, no point having a ok/weak bowler when you have decent ones which lets me practice batting etc
  2. I know its a mess but hey its not bad for a start
  3. Name: Adam Ingame: IThievAlot Age: 19 Location: UK (England) Hobbies: Rugby, BasketBall, Cricket, Xbox, Gaming, Video Making, Streaming. Personal Life: I left highschool at 16 and did 2 years at college, currently looking for a job. Where you can find me ingame: Currently at the Dicing area, or at bosses while i finish maxing my prayer so i can start pking. Im not a man of many words and may update this later but this is it so far lol