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  2. Can't Hang in Singles or Multi... Clowns ZzZ.. Stay slept
  3. Bro I dont know what happened at the end of the first song l000l
  4. Why would you post a video of everyone in your clan dying at the beginning, then you tanking 3 people with no cape on, and then a clip of Russ alone at avas? Utter spastics.. Both divines that you looted from rope were your clans as well. Fix your internet iscold.
  5. Thank you russ
  6. First off thank you PB for the recent updates, just thought I could suggest some things for the future - Teleblock should be changed to show a different XP Drop if you actually land the TB. For example on 07 if you land the TB you get a 95 xp drop and if you splash you get an 89 XP drop.. Also I think it would be nice to change the animation to the way it is on 07 because it takes wayyyyy to long to get to them as it is now. @Pb600 @Russ Thank you boys.
  7. Anyways, was fun. GG. Gear up and we could continue the fun.
  8. Requested Rank: Veteran Desired Primary Rank: Video Maker Proof: (Please provide proof you're the owner of the account (Take an ingame screenshot of you stating "This is (forum name)'s account") Old Forum account is @The B A N G which is eligible for Vet, I made this account because of the name which is nearly the requirement but I was told that you can apply even if you have an old account.
  9. Did you even watch the video? Someone get this guy, hes struggling.
  10. Lets cry over one person not being in the clan.. Doesn't change the fact the numbers were even. Stop making excuses and take the Loss with dignity like your other members lol.
  11. Yes? are you okay?