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  1. Gang Meets Up IRL

    Good to finally meet up with the boys. @Russ @Climb Rope @pyk @baragetax @Zoiezo @try us bruh @Ziko @Old Gen @Jesse @Jays0n @Jenatar please take this picture serious and get mad
  2. P2P Sunday Highlights

    Another Great Sunday in the wilderness with Apex! Here's some highlights:
  3. A SATURDAY w/ The Sharks

    Been playing a lot of 07 lately, This is what the pure scene looks like on a Saturday.
  4. Box Tournament

    was a dope event
  5. cya

    damn sun, pce man gl irl
  6. BANG PK Video V

    kodak black is a legend
  7. BANG PK Video V

    Listen man, I don't post emo ass rap songs and I don't sync the songs with the KOs, That's way too much work. I use songs I enjoy and I put clips together, I do an occasional edit here and there. I would rather have my own style then copy someone elses such as you did w/ @Russ.. You also have used my songs in your videos.. So please don't try to criticize me, when I just make videos for fun.. I don't put crazy edits on my videos because they simply don't need it. I watch the video for Pking. Not to see how many times I can have a stroke by watching a flashy video. I understand you're trying to "help" and that's nice and all but it's just not what I need considering its all for good fun and to help promote the server. Thanks,
  8. I will participate. GG @Russ
  9. BANG PK Video V

    You're foreign so you don't understand what the guy is saying, I understand you don't listen to rap music.
  10. BANG PK Video V

    This song could possibly get copyrighted, it isn't copyrighted for me and i've been able to watch other people's videos with it, But just in-case it is.. I will post another version tomorrow if it is copyrighted when I wake up. Anyways, enjoy!
  11. A General Discussion

  12. A General Discussion

    hello world are you excited for grand exchange? In 1 word describe Grinderscape. My word is : Dereli
  13. 1-28 EVENTTT

    26, If it's taken just give me whatever number isn't lmao
  14. First time trying Sony Vegas

    wait wtf who is that man