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  1. @Ryann I play rs3 too m8 my rsn is alphaofgods
  2. 2014.
  3. Nope just been playing rs3 lately
  4. Lol ya but idc I just thought it'd be a nice article
  5. Febuary 5th 2017 Sometimes when people wake up in the morning they put on a mask i'm not talking about a make up mask or a costume mask or anything else, i'm talking about an imaginary mask hiding the real them from everyone else. When we make new friends we try to get to know them to the best of our capabilities but sometimes our "real" friends could actually be fake, you could be best friends with someone for 6 months, a year hell even 10 years but the moment they don't need you anymore that mask comes off and the real them comes out. the morale of this is when you meet someone and want to be friends make sure you actually know them before you let them into your own little world. i once was best friends with someone for 6 months thought i knew everything about them but one day an old friend came back into their life and all of a sudden i was a ghost to them, i was devastated that someone who i thought was a close "real" friend was hiding under a mask the whole time like i was as close to this person you could possibly get with a best friend then it was as if they had died all of a sudden and what rose from the ashes was worse than what hides in the shadows of my darkest nightmares. So the next time you meet someone new i want you to think twice to yourself, can i trust this person? would this person ever hurt me emotionally or physically? is this just another fake friend using me?, cause you never know who's fake and who's actually real. one of the many quotes i live by in life is "the closer you look the less you will actually see"
  6. pls no leak my nudes
  7. I was actually able to fix my client issues last night c:
  8. please be patient I had hoped to get my slayer guide out by now but up until to day I had client issues for 2 weeks, the slayer guide will be completely revamped soon I promise.
  9. I've been having client issues lately that's why I've barely been on the last couple weeks I'm trying to resolve it tho
  10. Trying to get down to the bottom of it, but I have the problem no matter what Internet I'm on
  11. I've waited 6 hours before and still didn't load
  12. been kinda busy lately but @Pb600 this is the log when I load the client and pre loading is stuck on 0% Initializing Jframe at Windows 8.1 operational system. Starting up GrinderScape V23.92(1.0) Client - Processors: 8 Java Runtime Version: 1.8.0_25 Loaded Client in 13.51 seconds. Error: od_ex 0/0 : null
  13. I thought I solved the problem but it's just somewhat better lol I can usually load and login after loading the client a few times but sometimes like right now I have alot of trouble getting the pre loading to load I've cleared the cache but still have this problem and I don't know why @Pb600 @Byron
  14. It's about damn time nub <3
  15. sorry for the late reply was busy but I sent the logs, I tried to log onto another account and I still get the same problem @Pb600