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  1. like alltimes update are awesome
  2. ffs i hate u ;( kidding for real nice very lucky guy keep going
  3. lol all this rewards its shity for me i wanna much more collections
  4. Hello, after long time voting and collecting sortition points its time to spend it So its my all rewards video/slideshow Ofcourse soz for watermark logo on video and here its all my rewards from sortition points and mystery box i try collect only cash and cosmetic items rest i just convert to cash Best regards, Rcmbs
  5. Oo lietuvis, ahujėnai. Krč grįžau aš į gs, va atgausiu omm postą, tik prieš quitinant cleaną gavau, tuščias bankas beveik vpš, bandau kažkaip atsigrąžint po biškį. MAčiau anksčiau votus bugindavai kažkaip, visada pirmas būdavai, gal žinai kokių būdų?

  6. first probably fix vote page or not change picture because runelocus dont accept our votes. @Grinder
  7. ffs 1k kills lucky
  8. mhm...more xp? nah.. but what its be nice to make skilling again awesome like skilling pets or new skill i think its much more intresting like again start skill old skills Btw i know why u offer that wanna get higher rank in highscores
  9. selling all thats cosmetic wanna sell full sets but if u need any piece just pm me in game
  10. thnaks and what about pets i killed alot drags
  11. buy osrs gp 2.5b gs for 1m osrs pm me in game rcmbs (if u catch me when i am online) or better pm me in rs : rcmbs v2
  12. awesome update good new year to all
  13. like alltimes update awesome thanks for what now time back to game
  14. its easy special when u are in p2p
  15. nice strange but my mining better like yours My skiller sadly still f2p ;(