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  1. now make a video of resetting the troll's name
  2. ok so you scammed someone?
  3. support from me
  4. yo i'll nh you when your fat friend mike hacks me
  5. rnjesus looking after you
  6. i haven't been bossing since the update, but if they were changed anything like revs then I can see how they would be harder. Revs hit like a truck now
  7. now that i can watch it cause its not copyrighted anymore nice work, your 3 item switches are peng!!!
  8. nice work i didnt know pyk was capable of this, i thought he just capped out at counting to double digits
  9. ty kendrick yo nice i like the part when you killed him sure come ::gdz with ur bank bro bones bro i know sad but dw i'm getting mad loot from slapping bg
  10. the copyright is lit
  11. ty saim good guide
  12. I voted for lego69 because he always helping out in-game and he's so cool to everyone like a real chill kid
  13. https://gyazo.com/3c137ce4407b32bdd2a0658575da6817 thanks4bank
  14. Idk i mean it's a private server and things should be quick and easy, but as kay also said anticipation makes the game fun on the fence