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Climb Rope

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    Climb Rope
  1. wow that looks good also thanks again
  2. thats pretty sick, looks good thanks
  3. Eh medium
  4. eh medium nice1
  5. Sorry havent been on forums in a while, the 2nd song is "dirty dancing" by montana of 300
  6. Sad to see you leaving im sure we'll talk, stay weird. #downwithrope
  7. Someone took the account "lord rope" lol so I got the name "rope"
  8. This will be good, nice thread
  9. Maybe pk req for these skin colors
  10. Thanks! Thank you
  11. thanks man
  12. Thanks everyone
  13. I have never uploaded any of these clips in the past. The first clip is a bit before we close sz. Better luck on your next monthly pk trip. Keep calling
  14. glad your proud lmao, still 3-1 unless "pures don't count" also glad you liked my song choice in my videos keep avoiding