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  1. nice update well done did right there!
  2. thanks to you guys!
  3. this is so sad gg!
  4. ok, so i want to make it simple and fast, there's something you have said about gs that should of get changed but it wont and it will never get change, but lets make it simple all i have to say is what you say up there is right about kind of everyone there, alot of people do hate you for no reason to be real with you a lot of people did talk mad shit about you but i never saw a good reason why doe, but after all there's bad people and good people my bro, all i have to say is i love you bro and i wish you the best luck in the real word or what ever you going to chose to do!!! my man.
  5. lol this pic show something else ?
  6. nice update keep it up.
  7. i love you bro, and i will never forget who are you like i did with others people who left, take care of youself and still be with teach bro, i hope you will call me 1 day ft like we love all time bro good luck!.
  8. that's sad to hear but good update a guess
  9. this is good update good luck with the tournmant
  10. good idea bro, not bad at all!
  11. life is ez pz when you get food!

  12. i can do all of this to ez bro
  13. gz, all i have to say that i max account in 3 days its just about the time you have and long you can play per day good job bro.
  14. i dont think we need luck, once we have the best clan ingame boys, we are the #tt/ bang best clan every private server we get into we fuck it up we become the history of the game in 1-3 weeks , so in grinderscape, we work hard we get the best we could and at the end our dreams get into, true things we become #1 everywhere and famous lets fucking go boys keep going with the good pking and the good movmet love yall.
  15. good vid