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Tayla Aka Gravisity

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  1. Servers crashed. everyones frozen

  2. Hey guys, thought i'd make a bank video of my 4 hours work. got cleaned then came back majour with a 24b loan. check me. #sorryfortheshitquality
  3. I like it, thank you pm me when you jump online i got you
  4. Other than my vines and torva. this is what i can make from 5 fbd's in a few hours. Chao!@#


  5. Hey guys just throwing it out there as from what im seeing people are complaining about the price of the new infinity. it states it is 2.4b ea peice on the price list, but people are selling and buying new infinity for 15-24b?? and they're going hard on it. i have just baught a set for torva set and sold for 2 vines... does 3.6-4.2b ea peice sound more reasonable to you guys? what do ya'll think?
  6. Hey guys just wondering how i can add a banner/sticker thingy to my posts?? and if ya need someone to make some real good ones "zahe12345123" just made me the dopest 10 banner for all of 2b Not sure how i can remove this post but i have sorted it thanks to @Thai
  7. Thank you
  8. Too all who attented and won, congratulations.
  9. Im not sure hahaha https://gyazo.com/f7244f12466d37ee05f587f9d2969360
  10. Haha just happen to record when it played, i just let youtube play songs itself
  11. Feel free to come duel me if you like
  12. Hahahahahahah#!@#@!#@! my baby sister uses this laptop and doesn't know how to use it so i save the tabs for her but dw i play it also

    1. Ep1c D0wnz L

      Ep1c D0wnz L

      Dude, what are those tabs in the background, "barbie games", "games for girls". should we be worried?

    2. Tayla Aka Gravisity

      Tayla Aka Gravisity

      Hahahahaha my sisters games :)