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  1. At least blur out your inventory so you don't embarrass yourself with your 2-3 way switching lmfaooo. You're so proud of that 51 d bolt, now you can say to people that you've killed me. Didn't we just plank 5 of you yesterday at wests?
  2. Can you please stfu. You fucking merged with tt yet you get destroyed please gtfo
  4. Maybe cuz of the timezone you stupid idiot? You started off by licking fish's balls then russ and now bang? How much per hour?
  5. Don't make me laugh. We were the one who closed AOG and split it into AC and SZ to have some competition because BG quit after getting destroyed in the fullout-----> You had no fucking chance against AOG.
  6. You keep tilting your vids "AOG getting abused" but AOG doesnt exist anymore you dumbfuck. You only fought SZ. So stop trying to get our attention you dumb random. You're trash and not a threat to anyone. Stop trying to make a name for youself in 2017 lapdog
  7. bye

    gl irl
  8. Looks sick Saim, thank u very much. Gl to the clans out there. #AC
  9. Gl with the clan man. Respect from here
  10. Wish I coulda been there #AOG. BG YOU SUCK BITCHES. Once I'm back you won't be pking in wildy, so enjoy as much as you can.
  11. I won against troll pk3r
  12. Accepted, you will be on a 4 days trial Pm any ranked members for invite
  13. Add me to the list fam! http://prntscr.com/e3sihb
  14. Ezpz cleared
  15. fake