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Safxty lover

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    safxty lover
  1. can you help me to recovery my acc now ?

    1. The Deity

      The Deity

       i need to recover my account Arcane

    2. Niels


      Have you guys made a post here yet?

  2. i can play when i open my webclient and connect they say : Eroor connecting to server. i delete all grinder thing and download back and dont work anymore ... Can anyone can help me pls... thank you and have good day.
  3. Acolyte, can i know if you will unban A r i a n e? good player and help every play with loan and chilling just be cool this time pls :) send me message pls


    1. Acolyte


      no a r i a n e won't be unbanned for a while

    2. Safxty lover

      Safxty lover

      Why alot player wait the come back of him he pretty nice with all... alot player private message him on skype ... let him a chance we miss him all be nice my friend

    3. Safxty lover

      Safxty lover

      You know when he will get unban?

  4. Yo bro, can you talk to acolyte about my a r i a n e account pls... u know am a good player and help every one. Just try to lets me last chance or i dont know alot play talk to me on skype to me coming back but im ban pls