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  1. 3rd Called 3rd

    if you say it before ever clue it's probs bound to happen xd.
  2. Throwback Thursday <3

    Ye Throwback, me too.
  3. The State of Grinderscape

    adding bosses and GE will only make the server active again for 1-2 weeks, we've seen this from previous updates many many times, it doesn't help. the playerbase which was mostly full if pkers before the reset has dropped so much due to the fact of how hard the server has become, know one wants to put in a bunch of effort on a RSPS when they could easily put in the same effort on the real game and it actually mean something. I just don't think PB really realizes this unfortunately as he's not an consistent pker, or pker in general. but hopefully something will click, and he'll change his approach on the server.
  4. Roast the person above you

    you beg too much.

    enter me soul rune

    nice vid and good editting niko but rushing is fkn gey
  7. Gang Meets Up IRL

    it was nice meetin up bro defs we all gotta do this shit again gang shit whole lotta gang shit
  8. MOTM July

    i voted for Pharoah cus he's done a lot for the server and he's been pretty helpful before, and even after the reset has happened. a solid guy deserves a solid reward.
  9. i like this, what you said is good, i would have thanked but it it appears the like button is gone so i will comment instead to tell you that you are very right about this here.
  10. no support from me because rigour and augury already are really good.
  11. Personal Future plans & Tarn event

    ngl i didnt watch the video because im a lazy piece of shit but it's nice to see someone else attempting videos, and im looking forward to your pk videos. if you want any tips or just wanna chat just pm me ingame, alrdy got u added
  12. add me too it @soul rune
  13. Soul Rune's 31st pk Video

    new pk video some nice loots ye
  14. MOTM July Nominations

    i nominate @Bang as well because he's come a long way from being a flaming pker to a successful clan leader.
  15. Netflix shows to watch

    the 100