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  1. lmao well looks like the video iscold was chopped up to make it look like they won LOL, atleast you posted the full thing. gwas boy. nice vid brennan idk why they gotta lie hehe xd.
  2. nice video i guess, to bad i wasn't online or none of you would have stood a chance, may i ask why you cut clips after a single kill you guys got? was it to stop showing your team dying multiple times? i guess so... also why are you guys stealing #elites comp cape colors, at least be original cmon...anyways gz on ur first win in weeks, will def be your last.
  3. i support the titles, but i see no reason in the capes.
  4. copy me bro? sike nice video brennan ur pretty good now my man keep it going we can become best yters over lord rope aka yung smaldik
  5. ok ty and log on ingame for a second please.
  6. So i took the time to somewhat organize my bank, and now i feel confident enough to post it, so here is my bank to everyone who may be wondering (PS DONT ASK ME FOR ITEMS BECAUSE IM NOT GIVING ANY TO ANYONE UNLESS UR A DAY 1 HOMIE THEN U MIGHT GET A VINE OR SOMETHING BUT other than that no dont ask me for stuff) ALSO IF someone would be so kind to take the time to price check it for me i'd be forever grateful of your services to the community, tyvm. regards best pker, Jesse
  7. nice video russ, thanks for giving connor and i the opportunity to be in a video by u thx friend. #tt
  8. Image(s)/Background: Anything involving mason Primary Text & Colour: black Secondary Text & Colour (if any): white How much effort do you want me to put into it: a) Monday morning /or/ b) Saturday Night : either or my friend just make it pls Portrait or Landscape:landscape
  9. sauce boss damn brennan
  10. ok boys i went staking and made guwop dont ask me for anything though cus idk u so y would i give u anything lol.
  11. nice video brennan! keep it coming bro you're becoming really active with videos my man.
  12. nice brandon friend
  13. well thomas, i kinda figured you were gonna quit to be honest, we had some pretty good times, you were one of my closest friends, unfortunately some stuff has happened, and we no longer really talk, but i wish you the best of luck irl.
  14. no support from me just for the reasons that, if you have a hard time remember your password/username, then maybe you should have chosen those as your pw/username. and also it would be literally copying other servers with that feature, as a certain one started that.
  15. you call him a random, when you were a literal dog in every single cc, now that you run your own cc you're trying to act like you're all that. you're literally emqeror V2 right now, please take a seat lil man. OT: nice vid connor you've gotten better when it comes to vids man keep it up.