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  1. Make me one you think would look nice xox
  2. Not on the list, I believe the task is completed by low tier drops like visages, barrows gloves, dragon full helms etc from dragons and other monsters.
  3. I'm going to quote something said by the wise cinderblock in many other threads - Noone fucking cares
  4. I honestly agree with this, people don't come to a server for quests, they come to PVM and Pk. Spending time on quests will only delay getting the playerbase back on track
  5. "Limit acc builds" thats the whole issue here... those account builds
  6. Just make it you need 80* hp to use turmoil
  7. unless u kiss staff ass and are overly cringey you arent classed as helpful, sorry @Taalq
  8. bullll, i did 50-99 firemaking at wintertodt got no pet lmao
  9. Why though? They're still voting and supporting the server, why punish them for doing so..?
  10. why are u so lucky, i got 3 elites from 1.5k kills
  11. Holy shit so dragon ceremonial is rare as fuck?? i am so lucky l0l
  12. ok i will keep slaving
  13. Elites are very rare, so why don't we add a couple more ways to get them for people playing the game and helping the server. My suggestion is to add a chance of getting elites in Mysterious boxes (from voting) so that people can test there luck getting one in a box. Also maybe selling them in participation shop for 10-15k Part points, so that they're still high tier and difficult to get, but obtainable without killing 1000000 monsters Let me know what you think
  14. I am selling my Dragon ceremonial hat, also known as @Acolyte's hat hhhhhhh Pm me on forums or leave a reply with an offer or we can discuss, ty p/s its the only one ingame
  15. yeah its good atm