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  1. You guys do not exist... you are only a figment of my imagination.

  2. Last warning.

    1. Kyle


      Hi, how are you? 

    2. 0xCAFEBABE
    3. Kyle


      Not good, but thanks. Good to hear about you mate. :)

  3. What the fuck is wrong with @Suffer Plox's luck? Are you cursed or something? Did you ever fucking get that mith dragon?
  4. Bots make my diddly doo wet. Thanks for this, looks pretty cool.
  5. Happy late birthday!! Maybe this year you'll learn how to program properly! @Gal
  6. You know what, you're trying to contribute to the server, and I totally respect you for that! But... Honestly, everything said in this guide is extremely obvious. If you really wanted to become an official middleman, you wouldn't go around breaking the rules, and you wouldn't spend less than 10 seconds on an application. The only ones who do this are people who are either: trolling, or lacking common sense. And if I am to be honest, people that lack common sense should not be OMMs anyway. But you're at least trying to help the server, and that's great! P.S: I lol'ed at that terrible application example.
  7. I haven't started watching the new season yet, but I will shortly. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope a new season of Mob Psycho 100 will be in production shortly as well.
  8. I don't really understand what any of this means.
  9. bye

    I could see this coming from around 47 miles away. You lost the spirit, and felt that playing the game was now a chore and a job. You're not the only one who's been there. Thanks for everything. And now @Taalq and I can call you a ng so.. On behalf of @Taalq
  10. "Noobs in wildy" - Wow, that's so 2007. Get outta here with that smack talk. Nice video.
  11. LOL
  12. Chris! Congrats bro, you deserve it. Love you.
  13. Bye. Good luck with whatever you're gonna do next. P.S: @Acolyte hates everyone.
  14. The majority of the people want the old donator zone back, but I still see a good amount of people who would like the current one to stay. Since this is the case, I'd love for the dz2 to be added back as an alternative to the current donator zone, if that's possible. That way, at least nobody will be disappointed.
  15. I would do despicable things to that woman.