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  1. Support.
  2. Well, what I actually meant was the way he asked. I don't mind nex with its drops beeing added to the game.
  3. That's like going to a restaurant and asking them, if they could offer one of their pizzas for free. Other than that, I support adding a new boss. But there's already coming one soon I think, so that should be fine.
  4. I can relate to this, cause I've made multiple reports, that are still not fixed. One of them (and notice the date, december 4th!): You can still use Rigour and Augury at 1 defense! The .gif of the report: Other reports, not a single response: Doesn't really motivate to make reports. (Sorry when I repeated anyone, didn't read the whole thread)
  5. That's how economic works. Come on guys.. Do you really think every item will be sold for 1gp in the end?
  6. Too bad it's not the desired zammy bow Congrats man, still sexy af.
  7. Support. But why at Zilyana? The traffic stuff is right, but Zilyana already drops hilt and saradomin sword.
  8. What you just described is just how economics work. If everyone is willing to sell their vines for a lower price, then there is low demand for vine. And that's also how you mess up the economy (by making min/max prices). And your statement makes it sound like you want to defend those ridiculous prices. RS items aren't meant to be worth more than 2.147b coins. But that's another story..
  9. That's just fighting the symptoms. The question is: Why does the economy work on RS with around half a million active players, but does not on here. We should fix that issue first, because it is possible to have a working economy. But otherwise I support the idea.
  10. Haha aight
  11. Uhh my namesake. Welcome back @Dragenforce2 you meant me maybe?
  12. Looks really nice, good work! However I don't agree with TokHaar-Kal being obtainable in the pk shop, but w/e.
  13. Looks nice, I like that matching wallpaper Well, mine:
  14. I voted for no because wildy is already rather empty, moving home location to somewhere else would make it seem even less populated. I don't think that's appealing for new players who want to pk. Also the shops etc. look really nice IMO now after all those updates. Otherwise, I'd support some exotic area like @Cinderblock suggested. Personally, I don't like Lumbridge that much.
  15. How is vanguard stronger at wild than torva? ... did torva get nerfed or something?