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  1. Suppoty it,Thx for the suggestions
  2. Good job Jack, Thanks for this guide.
  3. Nice achievement bro
  4. Hello community, For example, if I click on use fire cape and click to use in max cape, it will turn into a "fire max cape" will get max cape bonuses plus bonuses from fire cape, among several other items , As in the pictures below. (Max cape,Comp cape..) 2 - Titles + Sign:Some titles that you have in the forum, also have in the game, for example "Content Designer". RANKS: - To have this title, you need to have the rank video maker in the forum. (Video Maker/Youtuber/Media Manager) - To get this title, you need to have the "Event host" rank in the forum. (Event host/Event Manager) (Color Purple) - Top Voter ( It has to be in the top 10 of the most voted on server ) (Color White or Black) - Veteran ( Have your account created more than three years, or in the forum, and always be active ) (Color Blue) BUYABLES: - The Tycoon ( Buy for max cash / And change the title "richie" to another price, or delete it from the game ) (Color Yellow) - The beast ( Buy for 1-10k Participation points ) (Color red) ACHIEVEMENTS: - God of Dragon Claws (D.Claws) ( Hitting over 80 on dragon claws ) (Color Red) - God of Dragon Dagger (DDS) ( Hitting over 75 on Dragon Dagger ) (Color Red) - God of Armadyl godsword (AGS) ( Hitting over 80 on Armadyl godsword ) (Color Red) - God of Saradomin Sword (Ss) ( Hitting over 70 on Saradomin Sword )(Color Red) - God of Granite Maul (Gmaul) ( Hitting over 70 on Granite Maul ) (Color Red) Note:Hit it at wild. And Skill Pets ! Thanks for your time
  5. #R.I.Psz #GANG
  6. Old donator zone back, Thx pb !
  7. Nice video bro, Keep it up.