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  1. Congratz to all the winners :)! Gl to everyone next time.
  2. Isaac nurd.
  3. Heya Grinderscape nubs, So i finally have returned after a few months of taking a break due to studies, Have u missed me nurds? Time to raise my activity in the forums and in-game Hmm let's see how many nubs remember me Oh and ofcourse i made a new acc ~Regards Michael
  4. Entry #1
  5. In-game name(s): Mike2k16 Timezone: 2 GMT Skype: Michael.best021 Will you be active within the event team?: Ofcourse. How much do you play per day?: Usually 2-6 hours. Why should we accept you into the event team?: Because i want to be in the event team, i love hosting different events and helping any event hoster's. Also i recently about 3 weeks ago came back to Grinderscape and i want to become slightly bigger part of the community. Do you have prior experience hosting events?: I usually host different event's in spectrum cc. If you have any creative event ideas, explain them below: I have an idea with first to trade and scavenger hunt all in 1 event. So how it work's is there's 3 people from the event team that are in different locations around grinderscape, these 3 people will have 3 different prize's so 1/2/3 place's. The location's will be announced after the people who participate know what they need to get.They have to bring 28 random items. People who participate will have to bring the items to the event team member's.They will receive the prize that the event team member hold's so that means u can get the 3 place prize or the 1 place prize. Thank's for reading, ~Michael
  6. So yeah my friend showed me this. Best kung fu in history of kung fu! [video=youtube;0KxTF7vUyNc]
  7. Happy birthday dear Isaac. I wish that u have the best birthday and that everything u do will turn out great ! [MENTION=70510]Grinderpoint[/MENTION] [video=youtube;LPcGuyiEz7M]
  8. Im in :3 Good luck to everyone!
  9. Thank you for everything you've done
  10. Bye mate, good luck in the army, thanks for everything mate!