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  1. bye

    You threw the respect out of the window acting like a child, wasn't better just resign peacefully? Spawning tarn at wilderness like a retard isn't the best solution. Cya
  2. If you don't know, each percetage is a different item id, and the current degrade system isn't the best one, that's why pb decided to make like that.
  3. u is elite mod?

  4. Introduction The goal of Super Hexagon is to control a small triangle which circles around a central hexagon (which occasionally collapses into a pentagon or square in the hexagon and hyper hexagon difficulty) while avoiding contact in the front with incoming "walls" (touching the sides is allowed). The game has six difficulties, a set of "normal" modes - Hexagon, Hexagoner, and Hexagonest - and a set of "Hyper" versions of those levels which are unlocked upon surviving for 60 seconds or more on their respective normal modes. After surviving 60 seconds in the normal modes the level will change into the hyper mode, along with changes to the colour, speed and gauntlet patterns of the level. Further surviving another 60 seconds in the first two levels (Hexagon and Hexagoner) will result in a palette swap of colors, continuing at the same difficulty. Surviving a further 60 seconds (in normal mode, this means you have survived 180 seconds), the game will change to the next level of hyper hexagon difficulty. Surviving 120 seconds in Hexagonest will not cause this, but surviving 60 seconds in Hyper Hexagonest will change the appearance of the game to a stationary hexagon (top and bottom parallel to top and bottom of screen), black background, and white walls. Every attempt on any given difficulty is timed, with the best survival time being saved separately for each level as a high score. The timer resets upon "death" (collision with a wall). All high scores are tracked on the leaderboards, in which people can choose to view friends scores or worldwide scores. @Niko My Run
  5. If none of you noticed yet the "old" fm was opening ways to exploit bugs, that's why pb added a delay.
  6. 1. No, players can't handle informations and we will get alot of complaints about the items drop rate. The drops only yes but the % no. 2. Yes, it's in our list to be worked on after npc system re-work. 3. No, Already created 2 big slayer places to players complete theirs slayer tasks. 4. Not bad at all 5. Erm, this suggestion will fk up the entire economy (already fked up), I think that instances are better than spread the player base.
  7. The most useless thread that I have read in my entire forums life
  8. Runescape posted something about name reset of inactive accounts, and if you can't set the acc name probably someone took it.
  9. I really liked that suggestion about the clan island, working with the new instance system will be amazing.
  10. Promote him straight to co-owner to solve this big problem.
  11. Abrir com = Open with http://i.imgur.com/ZfoKO78.gifv .
  12. Can be exploited in many ways, no thank you.
  13. Our player base isn't enough to cover a pvp world in my opinion. So it's no from me, but thank you for suggesting that.
  14. Looks really good in my opinion. Good job.
  15. 日本語を理解していない人は、このテクスト理解していません。