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  1. Runescape posted something about name reset of inactive accounts, and if you can't set the acc name probably someone took it.
  2. I really liked that suggestion about the clan island, working with the new instance system will be amazing.
  3. Promote him straight to co-owner to solve this big problem.
  4. Abrir com = Open with http://i.imgur.com/ZfoKO78.gifv .
  5. Can be exploited in many ways, no thank you.
  6. Our player base isn't enough to cover a pvp world in my opinion. So it's no from me, but thank you for suggesting that.
  7. Looks really good in my opinion. Good job.
  8. 日本語を理解していない人は、このテクスト理解していません。

  9. Are you dumb or trying to be dumb? I think that the first one is the correct answer. If you dont know, we have a system to create projects, so I made it and Pb spent 10 minutes to add the monster and fix the stairs/doors/caves. Ok, lets put tons of monsters in the same place and create a 12 years old content, because probably this is your real age. @Grinder asked about the sounds and I think that he should dealth with you, annoying kid. You are so fking annoying that you just write shit and don't use your retard brain to think. Pb fixed the problem with npcs that weren't able to de-spawn like the minions in the God Wars Dungeon. But other kind of bugs popped up like the Uri from clue scrolls because the server was thinking that Uri should de-spawn since he was 0 hp. You look so stupid writting this: "maybe its because you're incapable of the job", like I work to grinderscape and get paid for it. I do those things because I like to help the server, sometimes I spent my time creating new content to the game that I could use for something else in my benefit only instead of entire server and community.
  10. Lmao, nice work with the prints. You should get an oscar for that work. As Saim mentioned, staff program isn't working as should be and there are more reasons behind the scene. "None asked about the new dungeon". The dungeon was added because your players were complaining that monsters were crowded. Oh isn't pk content, lets flame, bash alot because pkers don't have new content mimimi. Second one is that Pb had to change how the hits were dealth to npcs because Lou said that something was weird with the sounds, so the entire system fked up. Again behind the scenes that you don't even know. So yesterday pb was trying to fix the problem. Apparently the problem was fixed but wasn't as should be. I don't have acess to the bugs section, only developer rank can look though that, so you can pm me the problem, or any of those guys that you tagged.
  11. This won't happens since players will start to argue that some are easy to obtain and others hard. So Pb want to keep it secret to prevent complaints. I understand that would be very cool option but our player base don't understand those kinds of informations and they take stupid conclusion without read and test properly.
  12. I barely can read your name through the effect, maybe you can change the color from "Magnata" and will looks better
  13. As Saim said, this was a donator perk, so you should be grateful that we decided to non-donators have the experience of donator perk obviously with timer increased. So what is the point to donate to the server if we reduce the timer for non-donators? You should think before write those kinds of stupid threads. Regards,
  14. Happy Birthday @Russ This is your birthday gift: Pm me in W4 for more informations