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  1. Right-click it and try to open with JAVA
  2. Being worked on... no ETA!
  3. Yes, I went straigth to pb and we had like 20 minutes conversation but later I said, don't do anything, yes, don't do anything. I just dropped the chances because I don't even play world 1, I used to log in and increase the small player base, I don't even walk at the game but noooo, they (Saim and Ron) need to create drama over players with the most silly reason that you can think, like mine. At the begin I was really angry, but later I could see that was my chance to exchange Grinderscape for something different and it worked very well. I was still able to help because world 4 isn't connected to world 1 so I was still able to create content and test things to pb. I lost wyrmwild update, something that I really excited to see working at world 1 because it was something different and challenger, not only wyrm but many other that came later.
  4. Also respond to my post on Dev talk.

  5. I don't think that buff those armours will make them popular. Runescape have the same problem with Barrows sets And about the system I mean that at the moment you get the items randomly, the 07scape system rewards you only the brothers killed in the process, meaning that you can farm only dharok if you need, obviously killing 1 brother cut the chances of receiving good drops because for every brother killed you get 1 roll, so killing all the brother guarantees you 6 rolls, if you want to read more, http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Barrows_chest#Kill_count_and_loot
  6. Bandages?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mateus


      Yes dude, I went for 1 month and a half due this

    3. Some Skiller

      Some Skiller

      Iirc, this isn't the first time I've seen Soccerlove do something like this.

    4. Carl


      Ron sense of justice is fucked up

  7. I won't even jump to conclusions here, I just need to reminder that before the server reset I got host-banned, yes, you really read it correctly, HOST-BANNED, by our co-owner because I "refused to give bandages to Saim" and that I don't even had chance to explain the situation (and the offence wasn't even host-bannable), I tried to login and I was banned. So review your actions because things like those kill the server.
  8. I'm really excited to bring back the old pkers. I think that the best option right now is the "semi-spawn" world because both things (economy and pking) can't fit together. Increasing the chances to get items make pkers happy, but in the other hand create a big inflation at economy. Reducing the amount of items balance the economy but cut the pking content due price of items. Yes, our plan is to re-work the skilling but I can't be precise the order. About the holidays, hmmm, I already have something in mind, but I can't be sure if we will have something different since only pb write codes. We have the project system, maybe it can speedup the process. They are hardly used because Dharok is the most popular for melee, Ahrim's and Karil's have theirs space across the pking community. About the barrows system, it will be re-worked aswell and the system will work like 07scape because is the right one. No idea to be honest, maybe as you said for big updates. I'm not being selfish, I just don't like the idea of players testing it before the release, it kill the hype about the update and create a bad impressions.
  9. Bronze Boots at Sir Vant: http://prntscr.com/fjej5l
  10. That's why it's called PROBABILITY , take a look at Bronze and Iron dragons. It's like tossing a coin, you have 1/2 or 50% The drop rate is the same logic, you have x% to get the pet eveytime that you kill it, and it don't increase the chances, so it remains the same % for every kill. It could take 1 kill to get or 100k.
  11. Probability dude, never heard before?
  12. bye

    You threw the respect out of the window acting like a child, wasn't better just resign peacefully? Spawning tarn at wilderness like a retard isn't the best solution. Cya
  13. If you don't know, each percetage is a different item id, and the current degrade system isn't the best one, that's why pb decided to make like that.
  14. Introduction The goal of Super Hexagon is to control a small triangle which circles around a central hexagon (which occasionally collapses into a pentagon or square in the hexagon and hyper hexagon difficulty) while avoiding contact in the front with incoming "walls" (touching the sides is allowed). The game has six difficulties, a set of "normal" modes - Hexagon, Hexagoner, and Hexagonest - and a set of "Hyper" versions of those levels which are unlocked upon surviving for 60 seconds or more on their respective normal modes. After surviving 60 seconds in the normal modes the level will change into the hyper mode, along with changes to the colour, speed and gauntlet patterns of the level. Further surviving another 60 seconds in the first two levels (Hexagon and Hexagoner) will result in a palette swap of colors, continuing at the same difficulty. Surviving a further 60 seconds (in normal mode, this means you have survived 180 seconds), the game will change to the next level of hyper hexagon difficulty. Surviving 120 seconds in Hexagonest will not cause this, but surviving 60 seconds in Hyper Hexagonest will change the appearance of the game to a stationary hexagon (top and bottom parallel to top and bottom of screen), black background, and white walls. Every attempt on any given difficulty is timed, with the best survival time being saved separately for each level as a high score. The timer resets upon "death" (collision with a wall). All high scores are tracked on the leaderboards, in which people can choose to view friends scores or worldwide scores. @Niko My Run
  15. If none of you noticed yet the "old" fm was opening ways to exploit bugs, that's why pb added a delay.