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  1. Some Edits [Wiz Khalifa]

    Not too bad though
  2. 3rd Called 3rd

    not bad; sweet
  3. The State of Grinderscape

    Its going down. They can release millions of cool updates, it won't matter. Maybe eventually playerbase will rise again Maybe it will drop even more who knows what the future holds...
  4. Teleport Memory

    Oh yea would be handy indeed
  5. Touching on Adam's suggestion

    Sure why not I support
  6. Just 1 quick and easy suggestion

    Di? Just like ::dz1 and 2
  7. Couple suggestions

    Nice idea cam support from me aswell
  8. Road to Max XP - Episode 1

    Nice indeed. Keep it up
  9. Outfit Contest #27

    Oh well. Gl to all who enters
  10. Need a Youtube Channel Art Signature ASAP

    Np. Srry for the late respons next time mention us Gfx designers
  11. Are Medium Clues the best?

    Well they are good but I think hard ones are the best nice loot
  12. Agreed. Happened to me too before reset. (Similar situation)
  13. Not clickbait