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  1. Out of the choices I like "the wyrm" best
  2. Nice! Pretty sweet loot so far and being maxed slayer myself I can tell you there's alot more where that came from! Keep it up!
  3. Every boss unlocks a title after a certain amount of kills so I expect this one to be no different! Support!
  4. Funny asf haha
  5. Hi there, I'd like to suggest some things that I'd really like to see ingame. If these aren't possible, I won't argue in the slightest. Just trying to suggest some things for the server here. Don't hate or post mean comments. I only try. 1. GANODERMIC - new npc to kill - new slayer task - new magic items such as: Polypore staff Ganodermic Armor (magic) 2. NOMAD - new npc to kill - new slayer task (- new pet?) 3. DRYGORE Because there's a huge gap between the second best weapon ingame and the best weapon ingame in price. Maybe these can decrease that gap idk. 4. CASTLE WARS SHOP THE 3 DECORATIVE SETS 5. NEW COSMETICS 5.1: Hallowed Set 5.2 Tyras Helm 5.3 Mime Set 5.4 Heraldic Items Helms Banners Alright that's all for now. Been thinking about posting these for a long time but I wanted to include as much suggestions as possible! Cya
  6. I like this idea!
  7. Sweet video once again
  8. Liking the cosmetic tab!
  9. Forum ranks like gfx, respected, etc... discord is (kinda) part of forums so I'd like to see this if possible
  10. Would be nice actually. Although 2 ranks next to eachother would be weird asf. Been able to switch between them however (without losing perks that the other rank(s) has ofcourse) would be cool tho
  11. 1.25x exp would be nice yea. Although it's the host problem, not gs problem like last time I presume so it's not gs' fault? Anyway I know it's not fun to see voting penalties rising up again (believe me I would be much higher on my streak) but we can't blame gs for problems their hosts have and are backfiring to us. I'm pretty sure they're looking into it as we speak.
  12. Would be cool. But they should consider other achievements aswell like "task master" for example. Or "completionist" .
  13. This already has been suggested countless times; but as a super donator myself I kinda want to see this changed aswell. Not sure if it will be
  14. You just added 2 G's? Looks uh Ggood but quite franqly I expected something.. "more" xp