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Pale Of Cmen

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    Pale Of Cmen
  1. Most likely Apex
  2. <3
  3. Wasn't even flaming, was just genuinely curious lmfao chill Nothing but love for you dude honestly <3
  4. Join Apex TS or CC
  5. Sitting in discord with 2 apex members and neither of them know who you are
  6. Whats ya TS name in apex TS?
  7. So it has come to the time that almost everyone comes to with this server and that is the time for me to quit this game. In the games current state, there is absolutely no reason to play this server, especially when 07 is a thing. From the obvious rule breaking and racism, and the corrupt/abusive and completely idiotic staff team, to the lack of game updates and the amount of bugs in the server, it just seems like there is absolutely no point in playing anymore. This is a direct quote from a staff team when I reported a bug, normally you'd think that abusing a bug would get you jailed or atleast warned? but no, with GrinderScapes current staff team, apparently there isn't a problem. Stuff like this has been going on for years now, this game has been making no forms of progression in the 4 years I have played, 1 bug gets fixed, another is found and not fixed for another month. There is a very few amount of people who know that I will miss them, the rest of the people I will not miss. (For the people who think I quit cause I lost my 244 killstreak, no I didn't quit for that reason lmfao) Yours Sincerely, Bro Eye lift, Pale of Cmen, Thomas
  8. bye

    Im going to miss your big penis cutie
  9. Still waiting for KBD lair fix and Please implement purple portal for clans if you are doing clan skilling ? Good job on getting this situation fixed so quickly though, looking forward to more interacting from you
  10. Bro, I genuinely thought I was watching a Frontline PK video then I realized it is actually just someone who is fanboying hard as fuck, I genuinely hope this is a troll TLDR : If your gonna try and edit a propaganda video, don't rip the entire first 30 seconds from someone elses video lmao
  11. I agree with legit everything on this thread lmao
  12. Best of luck lmao
  13. I agree with this 100%, but when people are making divine tank raggers that camps a p neck, just to rag maxed pures when they attack another pure is just ridiculous.
  14. I didn't make either of the videos with the intent of getting someone in trouble, if they get in trouble I am not affected, this is posted here purely to embarrass these people and show what kind of PKers they try to be
  15. This would have been a nice af clip if I had of speced a little higher and not got bolt ragged. (This dude ran all the way from Edgeville just to PJ our fight)