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  1. I saw this and am replying for one reason only. You better stay in contact with me!
  2. :o Still active, rember me? :P

  3. Honestly don't remember helping you out or anything lmao. But I have other things to worry about OT: Nice work with the Goals, keep at 'em
  4. Not gonna lie, this was the one thing I wanted before I resigned to happen. But I'm so glad it finally came true and you got promo'd. Best of luck Saim, if you ever need help, you can PM me, I'd be happy to help in any way I can still. Love ya man. Goodluck
  5. Welp, as the title says, I'm gonna be resigning from my In-Game duties. I have barely any time anymore, and I honestly don't want to log in some days. Due to several reasons. As much as I love being staff, and helping people when they need it, I just simply can't do it anymore, there are several reasons, but the main being that IRL is just piling up. I know that my hours are decent enough to stay as staff, but many things are starting to go wrong, and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out. Another reason is that I'm really starting to lose interest in playing, I've done pretty much as much as I can do on Bobbins (my alt), other than pet hunting, and killing the same thing for hours at a time can get boring. I've already gave up trying to get one pet, and I'd probably give up on trying to get the rest, when I hit a certain Kill Count. I admit that in my time as staff, I did fuck up, and I did make mistakes. Though I learned from them and tried to improve over time. There have been times when I was rude to people, again I will freely admit that, but people need to remember that staff are human too, and they too might snap at times, there's only so much a person can take before hitting their breaking point. I also will freely admit that I have let personal reasons affect the way that I have dealt with a situation at times, again, I changed that by not coming online when I felt that what was going on at that time, would get in the way of my staffing duties. I would like to thank @Michael and @Niels for giving me the chance to be staff, and also to @Soccerlove for believing that I was ready to get promoted to Mod. I will also be resigning from The Wiki Team, I'm sorry @Sma11zplz, but thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of the team, I have loved working with you for hours some days trying to get things out that needed to be released, I'm just sorry I won't be able to complete what I wanted to. Good luck with the Wiki, I hope all of our plans for the Wiki will get done. I would also like to thank @Pb600 for allowing me to join the Dev Support team, and allowing me to help make suggestions on the future of Grinderscape, since I am resigning, I will also be leaving that team. Finally I will also be resigning from Spectrum Duties, as I will barely be around anymore, and just won't have the time to help. I would like to thank @Raiderist @Valar @Entry Fee @Saim @Boibandido @An Old Puppy @Grinderpoint @Jakey Poo @Sma11zplz @Havinfun85 @Mystery Ltd @Nefarix @Sir Wizard @Icarly65 @K F I F @Nelgie5 @Tragicv3 @Yuri Tarded @Woody @Blake @Acolyte @Tyler @Niels @Straightkill @Ridok @Tabor @Alvin @Zamora T @skyyler for making my time here enjoyable. There are probably so many people that I've missed. You'll see me around in the Discord and In-Game from time to time. There might be a day when I come back, but for now, I don't see that happening. For those that have my Skype, I'll try my best to stay in contact with you all. But for now, peace out.
  6. Accidentally clicked no for Con But yeah I support both. Have done in the past and always will do. It would be nice to have all skills working.
  7. I support the first two bags, as stated RC isn't needed. Though 100 Skilling Points is way too easy in my eyes. Especially if the Mining/Smithing bag can hold up to 300 ores. Skilling Points shop is the perfect place to put these, but they would have to cost at least 500 Skilling Points each. Due to how OP they will be. And if they could be untradeable, it would be even better, people would then have to work to get them, rather than just being able to buy them off of someone.
  8. Hello,


    can you look at the account named Hutchy in the games it is saying i am logged in but i aint logged in for about an hour.



  9. All of the Skilling Guides are being re-worked atm. It will be done, and we will re-calc the amount needed, thanks for noticing. @Sma11zplz
  10. In-game name: Sophie What rank are you applying for? (Recruiter, Moderator, Administrator): Administrator What is your Timezone?: GMT How long have you played for?: 16 months or so How many hours do you play per day?: Varies depending on IRL, but anything from 3-8 hours How long you been a member of Spectrum?: Ever since the Merge, can't remember when that was, I was in Help CC beforehand. Do you have ::yell?: Of course Why should your application be accepted?: I think my application should be accepted because I do help in the CC a lot when I'm able and not too busy with my in-game duties as staff, I was Admin before as a staff member before the rules changed, and I have never abused that position. There's never any Admin on in my Timezone so I think by my application getting accepted it could help the clan a lot, especially if there is one person that needs to be banned for their actions. I do my best to help everyone in the time that I play daily. Though my IRL situation can sometimes cut my playtime, I always try and get on and help when I can. Will look forward to seeing your reply. Thanks in advance in whichever way this is replied to.
  11. Support both, Discord is kinda active but would be more enjoyable with more members.
  12. I knew you were making this, and yes I did ask you to be honest. I honestly didn't expect anything like that. I know I have my flaws, such as the temper I can get, but I do think that I have improved that. Thank you for this Sam. I personally will never forget working with you in the staff team, or what you have done for this server. Again, thank you for being honest <3