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  1. I haven't taken the time to actually organize my bank yet, that's why you also see some unfinished potions on the first bank tab. So are your chances of getting a boss pet. <3
  2. As soon as the game becomes stable and pristine as before, meaning no further bugs and lag, I will continue my goals on my Ironman. This is what I have on my Ironman at the moment. Trying to grind a lot of Slayer points in order to craft vines and slayer helms. Perhaps I will go for Comp afterwards.
  3. @Taalq @0xCAFEBABE 
    Feels good owning 95% of the eco. 

  4. ok w/e Regards, Emqeror
  5. Dank songs, dank video. Keep at it.
  6. I couldn't agree with this at first, but considering there are specific forum ranks for in-game achievements (Ironmen/HCIM/Master Skiller), I don't see a problem with this at all. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Neat achievement. Congrats, nerd.
  8. Is there a significance for Donator Skilling points? Like is there a shop for it? How do we spend it? In other words, another neat update. Keep at it.
  9. Sick stuff mates. Keep at it.
  10. 4 tickets even with the streak reward is just absurd. Perhaps increasing the amount temporarily is a good idea indeed. Would bring some life into that minigame again. Thanks for suggesting.
  11. Nominating @Taalq because he's helped a random person out with all his might.
  12. Saw potential in you last year, but you had to take a break. This is a well deserved promotion, congratulations Matheus. Keep up the good work.
  13. Congrats man, you've done quite a decent job as a supporter. No doubt you won't have an issue being a moderator. Keep at it.
  14. This is not what I meant when I gave you my advice. Making a thread like this is absolutely pointless, especially when you're talking about your Spectrum rank.
  15. Grats nerd. Don't pull a Jesse and stake it, please. ea rb