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  1. for one I didn't say you see me being bullied I said you always "SEE ME" Not see me being bullied. It's just funny how you think you always see me and oh yeahhh I'm the big bad bully everybody because I ask how peopel are doing and they tell me shut my arab ass up and stuff Yep Imaaaaaa bullyy Lmao
  2. I love it! Good job!
  3. you say I lie yet you somehow always see "ME" just me the one who's constantly being bullied starting things with people ? Mhm interesting lol
  4. hahaha niko your so funny honestly you really are.. You invited me to purple reign then I have few people in the team where i showed you screenshots of them bullying me and harrassing me for no reason so because you knew them longer you tell me I'm the one causing the drama even though i had proof I didn't.. I asked if they wanted come ava with me and they starting calling me shemale and saying I was garbage.. So you tell me i'm shit then block me.. LOOL seriously your a trueeee friend so much for "IGNORE THE BULLIES" On my forum post I made. You commented that telling me to ignore bullies but you are the bully. So grow up. Btw I'll be submitting reports against all of them now since I kept the screen shots.

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    2. Niko


      I cant deny i am an evil person...  But i simply dont have time for random drama. Life is too short to have ppl around you that brings you down. So i simply cut you off. Simple. And "better life in the future" hmm you do realize this is only a game. So narrow minded you are. xD 

    3. Alexiaa


      have a better life bully that's all I can say. Your a manipulative bully. 

    4. Niko
  5. good reply. Yeah I have left wg to multi pk in wilderness and I made a friend who invited me to his clan.
  6. I joined purple reign and I got some melee/range hybrid gear for multi pking (:
  7. all I can do is say lol. I got nothing else to say. Just have fun being a bully rest of your life don't care anymore. I'm done here now.
  8. not continuing drama I also apologized for things I had said to you and was over the arguements and was making friends with you. I don't see that as creating drama and I didn't know that was a slang so I apologize for that then. I thought you said something else and It didn't make sense to me so I was confused.
  9. yeah your totally right. I try to ignore it as much as I can and it makes me mad when people think all arabs are muslims and are terrorists.... are you like okay? Seriously lol You just went all out finding small little grammar issues I've done with capitalizations all I was saying was I didn't know what you meant. But okay have a nice day bully I'll be ignoring all you bullies because I have a few people who understand me and are now my friends so I don't need to put up with you and your little bullying nonsense. Have a better life.
  10. is that an actual word?
  11. OH it's funny you want to come here now bullying me as well isn't it? Guess that's seriously all you kids can do is bully people. Makes you feel good about life hu lol. Well did you show screenshots of what you guys were saying before I said that? No. You leave that out. You tell me I'm a stupid arab Not sure if it was you or not but i was being called stupid arab and other horrible names.. Then I get people constantly harrassing me for no reason and i say one thing back ooo i'm so bad. act all high and mighty? Telling a story about what it was like when I played isn't all high and mighty or acting like the queen of wepaons game now is it? You need learn some proper english because that makes no sense especially when your the ones telling me your going pile me because you guys run weapons game and decide who goes and who can stay lol. That sounds high and mighty to me..............
  12. awe, yay! (:
  13. oh that's fine your added so when I see you on I'll message you.
  14. I might go to bed in 20 minutes though i'm really sleepy.
  15. for both 150m or trade for bones (: