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  1. bye

    Kinda depressed I didnt get to see the tarn wreck havok in the wildy. Way to go out with a bang, many respects.
  2. So I will be permanently leaving the game. Well I have left for a while now, I know no one gives a shit and I didn’t wanna do this but theres some people whos info I don’t have so just thought I’d say bye and let them know Im leaving, and put out a few messages. Reasons Im leaving is primarily coz content is dead, its just coming online and doing the same shit you did yesterday and it’s just boring. I assume some ranked person’s gonna come like “blah blah content isn’t dead, youre just boring wah” fuck off, the content is dead, chill. Another reason is since theres no fun content, you try to make your own fun and bang jokes with the lads, but that’s apparently illegal which loses you super donor (which I got from staffing) but apparently that makes a difference when I caused drama which was started by a staff member and also gets you perm muted from cc’s. Again ranks, I know what I did, but you listen to 1 person who has an issue with me and suddenly you suck him off so fuck off. Another reason is ironmen is now dead content. Its impossible to boss and its impossible to pk, so the only thing left is to skill, and who tf wants to skill for hours a day on a rsps for an ironman. Again, ranks its dead content. 90% damage on every boss, with 1 boss room in the entire game per boss, its retarded, deal with it. So to the people of the community, thanks for making this such a fun time for me. I made a lot of friends and it was a really good to experience this game with you guys. I had a lot of fun doing dumb shit and flat out random crap with you guys like throwing snowballs at pkers or ditching people halfway through chaos tunnels. It was stupid, but it was funny af and it made the game fun itself. I’ve been part of most, if not all, in game communities and it was a pretty interesting time. Although some of ya’ll have mad issues, even me, the community is the community and I hope it stays just as fucked up (in a good way) as it always has been. To the people I worked with, thank you for teaching me a lot about the game as well as how to deal with things and helping me the best I could be when it comes to helping the community. You guys enabled me to experience the different ranks available in game and I was able to understand and learn a lot from being in several teams. OMM’s you guys are part 1 of becoming staff and you do a good job, and it’s unfortunate you get blamed for checks when it’s out of your control but it was good to be a part of the team. Being an OMM is a good way to get yourself recognised positively. Staff team back in the older times, you guys were amazing to work with. You guys took care of me and taught me in areas where I struggled. I was disappointed to find out that the position was majorly based on how long you play rather than what you do in your position, but in saying that it is majorly difficult to keep tabs on each person’s activity on things which just can’t be monitored unlike punishments. Nevertheless I will forever thank Ron for giving me the opportunity and Joe becoming somewhat of a mentor, and for fucking with me and saying I was gonna get banned, yes I fell for it and was so scared of getting banned. Thank you to everyone else in that team, you guys were amazing, and it was fun while it lasted. Im not gonna say much about current staff team coz honestly I have no fucking clue what you guys do or how you get away with it but yeah sure. To the Spectrum team, well it wasn’t a team as such, it was more like a family to me. You guys were the reason I stayed so long and had so much fun at this game. I learnt so much from you guys and I remember I was always hesitant to join the ranks but after some peer pressure I finally did it. It was a fun and exciting journey and I will never forget it. You guys were such great people to work with, and such awesome friends. I made my way up and became an admin, however I was highly disappointed to see the changes happen the way they did and basically got demoted from admin to gold star mod/mod v2 for the entire time I was an admin. I always hated leaving but I had no choice at that time which is upsetting. Nevertheless is was great to be part of the team and was definitely where I made most of my friends. Good job to certain few of you still in the team, please dont let it go to shit like the others are. And to all the friends I made through the 1 year and 4 months I’ve been here, you guys know who you are and I feel guilty tagging some but not all because I don’t know certain people’s forums names. You guys made this game so fun and were the reason I didn’t quit playing so long ago. There was always time to have fun and fuck around for no reason sometimes and we did so many weird shit. Im genuinely gonna miss those days so much. Doing so much good shit like g whipping claws from some rando and staking items that didn’t belong to us was amazing. Thank you for the good times Grinderscape. You will be dearly missed. Oh yeah before your smartass comments saying “see ya tomorrow” yeah fuck no, ive deleted the game and haven’t been on the game for days so relax. I FORGOT TO MENTION, IM O 07 NOW SO IF YOU HAVE 07 ACCOUNTS, ILL BE HAPPY TO CHAT AND DO SHIT ON THERE
  3. my favorite giveaway minigame is the ::empty feature, you should try it for this one
  4. If it's fixed how do we do it? No one seems to have done it nor knows how to do it. I've stated the 3 things that don't work so the task itself doesn't make sense I've already stated that getting a target then killing them does not work
  5. I'm gonna have to ask again because Saim decides to be retarded and close the other thread without giving a proper answer but apparently no one on the server knows how to do it. This task makes no sense to me so I don't understand how to do it lol. 1. The bounty hunter caves we're closed by PB so you cannot go inside to kill someone 2. The entire bounty hunter area is non-wildy (both lobby and bottom of the stairs) therefore you cannot attack anyone 3. Getting a target then killing them does not work Remove the task if it's broken, also your "Self-Secure" task doesn't work either.
  6. My friendship will cost 1m osrs gp per week
  7. Someone help with this task, it makes no sense to me so I don't understand how to do it lol. 1. The bounty hunter caves we're closed by PB so you cannot go inside to kill someone 2. The entire bounty hunter area is non-wildy (both lobby and bottom of the stairs) therefore you cannot attack anyone
  8. Nice to see you dating a flashlight
  9. Finally
  10. I like how people are saying "you need to risk the sword" like bro 80% of the people pking with a korasi are using rune legs just so it is protected. You could hit 60+ with full rune, no point risking it lol
  11. Ill nominate aboob @zoiezo coz only one I see with consistency in doing an all round good job really
  12. ?
  13. Just add more custom things? Give them a pet? theres plenty of things to think about. If you would actually pay $150USD for this you're actually deluded lol. There needs to be way more benefits in order to be worth it, thats all im saying and thats my opinion on it. 5% of someones bank, or 50% its still a lot of money, i get the server needs to make money, but its literally pixels, you can still give them a better offer for their donation.
  14. Gonna keep this short and simple. Add more features for the extreme donor status. To me personally all I see is paying $200AUD for a badass log in animation that lasts like 2 seconds, and thats it. Everything else seems dead to pay $200 for. Idk what everyone else finds appealing on that rank but I'd probably have to spam log in for the next 2 years to get my moneys worth. Would like to know what other features people find appealing to themselves coz I honestly see nothing different other than that.
  15. Can we stop the posts about giving OMM's unecessary power. Their job is quite simple, you don't need a whole area to make a trade that takes a minute (slightly longer if they need to be checked i understand that part). But it's getting a but tedious now with "OMM userbars" or "OMM crowns". People have previously abused the title of OMM's for personal benefits, only makes it worse to give them more power. And you only need 1 opportunity to fuck up the whole system, let alone 2 before getting kicked out.