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  1. I'm not sure if you can use have a name with two spaces e.g. (tyler is noob) Although, you can try using underscores: just_ask_x
  2. Welcome to Grinderscape Xelion.
  3. Read this update thread to see why it hasn't been fully released yet. Just like the premium point shop, it takes a considerate amount of time and testing to ensure the rewards from recovery points don't harm the economy. If an update was rushed to get these points out without proper testing and long-term consideration, it'd do more harm than good. Please be patient.
  4. She ain't got no manners.

  5. @Fishy The sectional moderator role is normally occupied by three different people(Myself, Acolyte, Chris now). Each person has specific portions of the forums, and the three combined equal the entire forums. In situations where we only have two sectional moderators with no sectional candidates, their rights can be adjusted to fit the entire forums; however, Chris earned this shot at sectional so he was given the vacant role left by the demotion of So Yontoo. Congratulations chris.
  6. Welcome back Jordy. Good job on the implementations.
  7. You made a feedback thread because I said your opinion is irrelevant in a skype chat. Here's something you need to understand: Criticism is absolutely fine. Criticism is completely accepted and welcomed, but you didn't give criticism. You made a negative comment towards a community member in an attempt to degrade him, and the reply was hidden. Criticism not only informs a person what they're doing wrong, but it also points out what they've done right and what they should continue to do so that they can improve as a person. If you're truly upset your reply was hidden, making a feedback thread is not how it's handled. If you feel as though your comment should not be hidden, then the appropriate action is to contact a person higher ranking than the staff member who completed the action. In this case, you'll want to contact Soccerlove so that he can make the final verdict and decide whether or not your comment should be hidden. You can take the appropriate action now, as according to our rules, and message Soccerlove so he can make the final decision.
  8. I'm genuinely surprised you made a feedback thread because you disapproved of me criticizing of your straight negativity and putting other members of the community down. God forbid we the staff make even the smallest of negative comments to others, but it's completely acceptable for you to do so? and then when your negativity is hidden, you make a staff feedback thread because you're upset it wasn't allowed? This is a joke and a childish attempt for you to cause unnecessary drama. If you really want to dispute your comment being hidden, I'll inform Soccerlove of the situation and he'll contact you regarding the final decision made.
  9. Good job on the video. Always nice to see YouTubers promoting the server.
  10. Good job on the loot you obtained. Feel free to start a series where you mark down everything you obtain from certain NPCs and share it with the community.