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      Voting is finally fixed again and is working like it should be Happy voting again


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  1. Pending. This was a controversial application to us for one simple reason: your maturity. While you've been consistently attempting to middleman recently and become a helpful member of the community, the lack of maturity you show at times worries us. Ranging from constantly spamming recruiters on a daily basis in regards to your application, getting mad at OMMs/staff when they don't specifically private message to you come middleman and various other actions such as subliminal comments towards staff that you hope will help your application. We do trust you, but your shrewdness is preventing you from becoming an OMM at this moment. Please re-apply in no less than one week.
  2. Denied. Using screenshots from over four months ago isn't applicable to us, and also shows a lack of actual recent effort. Middleman while being supervised & become a role model for the community before re-applying in no less than 2 weeks.
  3. Don't know why you made a thread about it when I already replied to your private message. I'll fix this next time we're both online.
  4. Best of luck to all submissions! Entry #1: So Yontoo Entry #2: Valar Entry #3: Suffer Plox Entry #4: Cypherdrone
  5. Suhh everyone. Today we decided to promote Boibandido. @Boibandido resigned in November of last year due to real-life events. Yogi has since returned to Grinderscape and has once again became an active, positive, and outstanding member of the community over the last two months and we believe he's ready to take on Server Support again. Yogi lives in Brazil (GMT -3) & will be assisting mainly in this timezone. As with all promotions, Boibandido will be on a two week trial. Best of luck Yogi.
  6. Please continue to MM while being overwatched and build your trust in the community. Please re-apply in no less than a week.
  7. Although you put in a lot of effort and you were doing fine, you were blacklisted for merching RSGP and we cannot have an OMM who is blacklisted for security reasons. Sorry buddy.
  8. Enjoyed seeing all the loot you obtained. Nice work Rcmb.
  9. so ur unbann my acc or no

  10. I already explained this to you. Only one computer has ever been used for your account, therefore if your "brother" or other family member "was" on your account and did something to your items, not only do we not have proof because only one computer/ip has ever been used, but if we believed these claims from every community member we'd be handing out billions of net worth per day. Account sharing is not allowed, and we do not refund items lost if you do share your account.
  11. hi please unbann me

  12. Can I talk to you?

    1. Tyler


      You have to speak to Icarly65 for this situation to be resolved.

  13. I will look at it shortly, and that is what Taivo posted but I'm just confirming that we cannot do that.
  14. The only way to obtain super donator/dicer on another account is to pay for it on that account. We cannot transfer ranks from account to account.
  15. The current ingame system allows you to convert super donator into 30000 premium points, or you may use 5000 premium points to swap from super donator > dicer and vice versa. However, if you would like a new rank on another account, we cannot swap the ranks from account > account. You would have to donate for the rank again on the account you would like the rank on.