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  1. ??? A reply would be nice

  2. Pls reply PMS.

  3. Warning for headphones user at 0:13 in the first video. Nearly shat my pants. Enjoyed watching the video and the insanity of feeding the dark beast pet to the troll haha.
  4. tyler

    hemee is baned he no thing do his my frind 

    the name now crazy plz back it if u can 


    1. Acedmvp


      plz tyler he is no thing doing plz back it

    2. Taalq


      he no do this

  5. I will start working on this. -Price chaotics would include all chaotics, -price whips would include all whips, -price dragon (or) set would include all (or) items and so forth . The world may never know
  6. Server is back up!
  7. Host issues (maybe). It's being looked into.
  8. Glad to see some pking videos are being consistently made/prepped by members of the community. Best of luck with gaining clips!
  9. The graphics designer rank has been added. While the discord is associated with the forums, we don't plan on adding every forum rank because we still want the unique 'feel' of the discord and it's ranks to be maintained. Updates: Price command: Alias's for every item was added. Ranging from "dclaws", "ags", "dfh orn kit (or)" and pretty much every 'slang' term used for items. Added Armadyl crossbow, royal crossbow and dragon kiteshield. Forum Commands: Added -search command so players can search a keyword on the forums -search discord would prompt > https://forum.grinderscape.org/search/?&q=discord Added -advanced search command so players will be re-directed to the advanced search options -Leaderboards command added to forum searching NPC searching: Saim created videos for the location of all NPCs/certain locations (chaos tunnel for example) a while ago and you may now search their location. Example > -abberant spectres, -chaos tunnels, -gargoyles and so forth. The current bot will be maintained, but I've began working on another bot in another programming language due to efficiency and will be releasing it in the upcoming weeks.
  10. In-game name(s): Tyler Will you be active within the wiki team?: Of course. Do you have prior experience editing a wiki?: I do have prior experience. I can code C#, C++, Java, Python and Html. Why do you deserve to be in the wiki team?: I've contributed much to Grinderscape over the last year (resulting in a rank on every "team" on grinderscape), but I've never been on the wiki team. I did make an application over a year ago when I was still new, and for some reason I realized lately I never applied again or gave it much thought. However, after creating the grinderscape bot for discord and much of the commands referring to the wiki, being apart of the wiki team will allow me to further assist the server in more instances and make sure the 'main database' of information for players remains updated and consistently helpful. Do you have any creative idea(s) for the wiki? If so, explain it(them) below: Planning on connecting the grinderscape discord bot to the wiki to allow automatic updating.
  11. While I've been working towards 350m slayer on my admin account, I cannot one shot NPCs and I've been using food/pots/prayer ect to make the progress/loot comparable to a non-admin account to make it as realistic as possible! Slayer Experience: Loot: The vine is from 1400 slayer points. While I was picking up every single item at first, I stopped doing that and cleared most of the trash items (some items I didn't bother doing so such as big bones, rune kiteshield, gems, ect). I've been working on this for around three weeks. Considering work, college and my grinderscape responsibilities, I'd say this is not bad for the amount of time I've put forth. When I reach 350m, I will be making a thread of all my experience gained, loot from clue scrolls and the other rewards of completing 350m slayer. Just wanted to showcase my loot so far .
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      Need help? Got questions? Pm me. 


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      What the hell Tyler? Are you drunk? Hit me up, I have the lube and ass ready :D