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    King Crow
  1. LOL
  2. Thank you once again for the updates.
  3. I always look at the size of the scrolling bar and I can tell you this update will be massive and Epic. This fact still holds true. Thank you @Pb600
  4. #4 outfit is a gem. Everything matches together just perfectly. gl to all participants.
  5. I support this as well.
  6. As much as like this suggestion:
  7. Thanks a lot for buffing some weapons and adding key binding button and other useful features.
  8. It's looking great. jb
  9. Thank you for the update. Great title names.
  10. I took my time and read through this whole update. I'M LOVING IT. Thank you so much.
  11. Color: Black/White Background: Font: Surprise me Primary Text: Jon Snow Secondary Text: King Crow Thank you in advance.
  12. Thank you for complete Clue Scrolls guide.
  13. I support this 100%. why are those items restricted in the first place?
  14. A lot of players will appreciate the upcoming update.