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  1. holy shit congratulations joe ! ty for your good works, and made more now ADM gz mannn
  2. nice sets man, sounds good
  3. thank you for update pb
  4. In-game name(s): Pietrom Age: 17 Timezone: GMT +3 Will you be active within the OMM team?: yes, i will, i was a omm a few months How much do you usually play GrinderScape per day?: like 3-4 hours because my school take basically all my time. Why do you deserve to be in this team?: I said that i was be omm, and i exit from the team for private problems, so i know, im done for be a omm again. idk if i got little proofs, but if want i will make more. Any other info: before then i made this appeal, boibandido helped me with my traine for be omm, i made only 1 trade, because only him helped me, i called much omms, but all was busy, so i will put here the proof. (sorry for my english, i know, its fucking bad. Sorry again)
  5. I wanted a format type your that moment you are using, it is because I do not know to choose good kinds of things to make a good signature. I wanted one of its kind, mods, add me along to what you did to me before
  6. aww man ty for all work with omm, you are a good person boy !
  7. LOOOL good job boy, congratulations and leggo comp! - Pietrom
  8. PLEASE NO YOU MAN, you was helped me for a long time, i love your works on gs, thank you for all works then you make on game. Thank you for all man, and i need to you back again , one day, sure. i am waiting you here. can talk with me on skype, i am a good person, i think :). back fast bro. regards - Pietrom
  9. Nice list man !
  10. lol nice economy man ! keep it
  11. Great idea man, i like it
  12. Happy birthday to me. Ye i think only me said happy birthday to myself . 17 years in noobs acts and trying to be respected and got friends
  13. Omfg i like the idea! Thanks for make this man
  14. gz! 1002 now