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  1. Pretty good at the game dude. I like the organisation of the Pots tab.
  2. really excellent. voting is always broken, just get on with the game
  3. To be fair, ever since the update I've been getting 1, maybe 2 kills an inv at Zilyana. Everything hit's like a fucking train and it's super annoying.
  4. To be fair I have no idea lol, I just spammed 24, then moved onto the next inventory.
  5. It cost me just over 26k Participation Points. And to be fair, if you have everything else from the shop, you may as well, because it's worth it.
  6. good at game ayyoub gz zoizzieeizo
  7. grats matheus
  8. my volcano is so ready for you Jesse
  9. Personally think this is a pointless idea. Why would you right click, then click "equip" when you can just left click and "equip" it straight away? It makes no sense. No support.
  10. We out here Thanks, though. Magnata!!!!! Ikr it kills me It's still missing a lot, which sucks, but tbf it's quite sexual.