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  1. This is it for me. I've tried to keep playing and eventually quit when I got 2b total experience on my HCIM, but I just don't feel like doing so anymore. To be candid, I only did keep playing for the sake of my clan chat, but I can't say I can keep playing anymore. I'm pretty glad I came back to Grinderscape to be honest. Anyway, here is my story and experience of Grinderscape. Going to put in spoilers for people who actually want to read it, but I'm sure there are people who are going to just post "Wow, sad to see you go. Gl in your future," and that is alright too. Anyway here is my story: I now want to dedicate this next section to players and groups. I hope I mentioned everyone I wanted to and I do hope the individuals I mention read this (in no particular order): I hope I didn't miss too many other people, but if I did I am sorry. Anyway, I wish the best for everyone and the server.
  2. LOL. KFC and Watermelon.

  3. You just have to be careful with your clicks. If you position yourself properly you can run through the course flawlessly. Albeit I would like to see a few different courses added (penguin one would be cool).
  4. Ex In-Game Moderator for you. Getting back to the post, I don't see why you lash out on my comment when a lot of other people agree with my position... If you want to make it your "new" home, do so.
  5. That was unnecessary... If you wanted to just hang out with older players you could just go there... I think Edge is just more convenient since all of the shops are located there.
  6. Can't you teleport to Varrock, walk to the West bank and stay there?
  7. With the upcoming combat update, if there isn't going to be a recipe for the new potions, such as prayer renewal, having an option to purchase them here would be nice (or at least the ability to create similar to Slayer helmets). Another one, with regards to potions, is the ability to make flasks or simply purchase them. A 30-flask-per-day limit for only super donator is something I don't personally condone. They aren't exactly expensive to purchase either, yet you are only limited to purchasing 30 at a time. I would rather see players have to make flasks individually than purchase some highly sought after potions. I do like the idea of including several items, such as a fighter torso or abyssal whip, into the Castle Wars system to promote players to play it. I am personally excited to play Castle Wars with the implementation of the combat update. Lunar teleports may be more predominant than the brainless Ancient: Ice barrage spam we see so often. Having more "useful" rewards will attract players to come play at Castle Wars even if Max is not promoting. Getting 150 games in Castle Wars (for the task) is also incredibly annoying as well... Lastly, I would hope to see some changes in the ticket prices for certain items. The Trickster, Vanguard and Battle Mage top and bottom pieces are highly sought after, so they should cost more than the Hood/Boots/Glove component. These pieces are incredibly good too in PvM and PvP considering they have no cost associate to them and can be easily retrieved. The rewards like the god birds should be higher imo or have some other reward that is incredibly expensive... A CW Banner maybe? Who knows!
  8. *Triggered*
  9. Wow who took "Ricky Banks" name... Anyway welcome to the server! Got to say, not too many people know what they want to do in the future @ 11th grade (or even in college) so props. Ditch the skiller, join the ranks of Hardcore ironman
  10. Are there festivals every single week or something?!?! How are there so many!
  11. I hope you didn't have 350m prayer exp... That sucks
  12. What you circled (in white) has nothing to do with the title...
  13. The spell works (really good btw) and maybe it will be added sooner rather than later.
  14. Are certain potions not implemented yet? I've tried to find prayer renewal and special potion, but I can't seem to find it. Are you going to make it a mystery so we have to find it ourselves (because I'm down)?
  15. They are adding Super Combat potions. :D 

    1. Str Flies

      Str Flies

      had a read of it only mentions combat potions did i misread it :D

    2. Some Skiller

      Some Skiller

      Oh that is true. They are supposed to add supers, but it hasn't been added yet. They're supposed to add a few more, but I don't seem them :( . Pb has yet to reply too...