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  1. Zod

    Welcome, seen you around, good luck on your achievements and goals here on Grinderscape.
  2. Zod

    Welcome! Good luck on your achievements and goals here.
  3. Zod

    Won't be added.
  4. devyn

    hey i frgot my pin on devyn


  5. Zod

    A lot of pixels, goodluck to everyone!
  6. Zod

    2, 4, 5, 6, 11, (4 is my favourite out of them all), 11 comes super close aswell
  7. Zod

    Thank you for your support throughout the time you was in the team, always thankful, good luck with your goals and hope to see you back!
  8. Hey Zod you said I have to pm you 

  9. Zod

    Congratulations on the Achievement cape, that's big!
  10. Zod

  11. Zod

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