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  1. hello whye im still band?



  2. devyn

    hey i frgot my pin on devyn


  3. 3bv

    Hey dude, hope all is well.. any chance of a pm? it's 3BV by the way. I'd like to make an apology to yourself.

    1. Zod


      Discord me, best platform for private conversation for me, cheers

    2. Zod


      I have, maybe you got me blocked 

  4. Hey Zod you said I have to pm you 

  5. Zod

    Removing Blood-Money from Slayer is not a good idea, it's the main source tier, understandable making some type of store, not just for Slayer but for PVM in general, draining is simple, (PVM store for a lot more items that can only be brought from that store) 'Tradeables/Untradeables, not only items but boosts like % rates to your stats in Combat-stats, (1 hour boost for 50k Blood-Money or > 100k allowing this to also stack on top of potions) I believe we had this in the old Grinderscape where you could pray to some altar for boosted gains if you was 'Donator. Price of Blood-Money has always gone up or down due to the economy becoming bigger/playercount. I believe the changes coming to Grinderscape will also change the state of Blood-Money valve, won't go into that at this point of time. This is obviously a massive change if you were to make something up like this as Coins/Blood-Money is the most traded in our economy, changing this will have to be for the good and it'll be hard to see where the correct path for this is... The more suggestions and conversation-starters on this topic is a MUST I don't stress that enough, we'll see where this goes, I like your ideas and this poll, I think you're making a good move here, thank you for the on-going support Spasma, cheers.
  6. gbc65

    pleas help

  7. gbc65

    forgott bank pin pleas help


    1. Zod


      Private message me, will help you out.

  8. Zod

    Level headed guys. I like it.
  9. devyn



    1. Zod


      I've told you what to do, please stop spamming me.

    2. devyn
  10. devyn

    help my bank pin

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