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  1. hello whye im still band?



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    hey i frgot my pin on devyn


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    Hey dude, hope all is well.. any chance of a pm? it's 3BV by the way. I'd like to make an apology to yourself.

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      Discord me, best platform for private conversation for me, cheers

    2. Zod


      I have, maybe you got me blocked 

  4. Hey Zod you said I have to pm you 

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    pleas help

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    forgott bank pin pleas help


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      Private message me, will help you out.

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      I've told you what to do, please stop spamming me.

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    help my bank pin

  9. Hello, very nice update as always, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this without you this wouldn't be a place of enjoyment without the hard work of what's being done here. Reducing the timers on bosses was a must, was very annoying waiting around for the boss to spawn back, now they spawn back so much more quickly that'll make bossing so much more enjoyable and time worth, I noticed whiles playing, there was a lot of bugs that needed sorting, since the update the game has a lot less bugs and the gaming experience has grown to be great. Vorkath has been a bit broken
  10. Firstly I would like to thank you Lou and the developerment team for taking your time in making this update and giving the community a lot of new things to look forward to. I noticed you've fixed a lot of bugs regruading them being bugs for a while and of course it's always stressful for you guys to fix it so it's 100% because that's what you want isn't it for your Server, specially for the Community to know you care (proven here). Anti Botting caching system is great, I've come along a few players who bot/marco and of course it isn't fair on players who/do their stats/banks legit. Commands in
  11. Great job on this, glad I could help, keep up the great work! Much love
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