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  1. hello whye im still band?



  2. devyn

    hey i frgot my pin on devyn


  3. 3bv

    Hey dude, hope all is well.. any chance of a pm? it's 3BV by the way. I'd like to make an apology to yourself.

    1. Zod


      Discord me, best platform for private conversation for me, cheers

    2. Zod


      I have, maybe you got me blocked 

  4. Zod

    Thank you for your support throughout the time you was in the team, always thankful, good luck with your goals and hope to see you back!
  5. Hey Zod you said I have to pm you 

  6. gbc65

    pleas help

  7. gbc65

    forgott bank pin pleas help


    1. Zod


      Private message me, will help you out.

  8. devyn



    1. Zod


      I've told you what to do, please stop spamming me.

    2. devyn
  9. devyn

    help my bank pin

  10. Hello, very nice update as always, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this without you this wouldn't be a place of enjoyment without the hard work of what's being done here. Reducing the timers on bosses was a must, was very annoying waiting around for the boss to spawn back, now they spawn back so much more quickly that'll make bossing so much more enjoyable and time worth, I noticed whiles playing, there was a lot of bugs that needed sorting, since the update the game has a lot less bugs and the gaming experience has grown to be great. Vorkath has been a bit broken
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