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    Removing Blood-Money from Slayer is not a good idea, it's the main source tier, understandable making some type of store, not just for Slayer but for PVM in general, draining is simple, (PVM store for a lot more items that can only be brought from that store) 'Tradeables/Untradeables, not only items but boosts like % rates to your stats in Combat-stats, (1 hour boost for 50k Blood-Money or > 100k allowing this to also stack on top of potions) I believe we had this in the old Grinderscape where you could pray to some altar for boosted gains if you was 'Donator. Price of Blood-Money has always gone up or down due to the economy becoming bigger/playercount. I believe the changes coming to Grinderscape will also change the state of Blood-Money valve, won't go into that at this point of time. This is obviously a massive change if you were to make something up like this as Coins/Blood-Money is the most traded in our economy, changing this will have to be for the good and it'll be hard to see where the correct path for this is... The more suggestions and conversation-starters on this topic is a MUST I don't stress that enough, we'll see where this goes, I like your ideas and this poll, I think you're making a good move here, thank you for the on-going support Spasma, cheers.
  2. Zod

    Level headed guys. I like it.
  3. Hello, very nice update as always, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this without you this wouldn't be a place of enjoyment without the hard work of what's being done here. Reducing the timers on bosses was a must, was very annoying waiting around for the boss to spawn back, now they spawn back so much more quickly that'll make bossing so much more enjoyable and time worth, I noticed whiles playing, there was a lot of bugs that needed sorting, since the update the game has a lot less bugs and the gaming experience has grown to be great. Vorkath has been a bit broken for a while now, I watched many players kill it when I took the broadcast and I can tell you it wasn't all that bad as seemed, was just the one bug with it not attacking back if you stood in one place. Happy to say that's fixed now, since I've been on I haven't noticed on-going bugs with Vorkath which is good news, On-going reports of players attacking Wilderness bots trying to boost somewhat their stats, (bug abusing) to see that fixed is perfect, thanks for that, not had any reports on that still being bugged, As I'm reading this thread all I see is "fixed this, fixed that" you know how happy and great it is to hear this, specially for the players who have to wait for them to be fixed, thank you all for waiting, hope everything is going good for you now, I always wondered why King Black Dragon was wilderness zone'd, great to see that it is no more... I played some mini-game last night,, that's so much fun even if it was bugged when I played, glad you hotfixed it so it works better now, I'll be playing that now and then for sure, a lot of fun! Surge spells being added to game was a great bonus specially for the pking, I'm sure that alone will bring more players to pk, Zulrah is always a good boss to kill, nice that it's finally back with correct mechanics will for sure be a bit harder, Re-doing the Hunter was needed badly, always got reported that it was bugged, now that it's fixed hopefully we get no more problems with that and people can finally train Hunter and get maxed! I was with Stan last night, was testing the tile facing and safe to say that works a treat now, you don't move around funny anymore, I won't go on, this has been a really good update for Grinderscape, safe to say I'm going to enjoy Grinderscape a lot more now with what's been content added /mini-games and working Zulrah and many more great things, thanks again to whom worked on this, much love as always, Zod
  4. Zod

    How things work is that you swear in Clan chat it isn't really allowed so of course you'll get some type of warning same goes for YELL. I couldn't care less if you swore in Public chat it's totally different, just don't swear at people, flaming them, we have rules for a reason, hope you can respect them, you seem like a decent guy, I'm sure you'll understand, Many thanks
  5. Firstly I would like to thank you Lou and the developerment team for taking your time in making this update and giving the community a lot of new things to look forward to. I noticed you've fixed a lot of bugs regruading them being bugs for a while and of course it's always stressful for you guys to fix it so it's 100% because that's what you want isn't it for your Server, specially for the Community to know you care (proven here). Anti Botting caching system is great, I've come along a few players who bot/marco and of course it isn't fair on players who/do their stats/banks legit. Commands interface is so much more cleaner and looks tons better than the old one, defiently needed, always good to know what the actual command does before pressing enter. Christmas event, personally I don't agree with it being put into the game when it's already January. I understand the update took you guys a long time to sort out and make it but it just shouldn't of been inplanted in-game at this time. Emptying the Blowpipe is a great feature to have always had players asking me why they can't remove said items from "Blowpipe". Let's hope the client rework and overhaul is finally a lot smoother now to what it was, never is nice lagging/nulling time to time, "buffer strategy" 1+ of course, who wouldn't want faster rendering, let's hope it's 100% fixed now. Overall I would give this update a good soild OKAY, 8/10, thanks again for all the work you've put into the update, I'm sure the players will be pleased with it!
  6. Great job on this, glad I could help, keep up the great work! Much love
  7. Zod


    Much love Grinderpoint
  8. Fingers crossed on the nulling fix, good update.
  9. Zod


    Thanks @Timebrawler brother, will be interesting to see how much it actually is!
  10. Zod


    Thanks Smiriland, DM me sometime not spoke in a while
  11. I'd like to thank Lou/Development team and everybody who was testing//helping, this is a great update, keep up the great work team
  12. Zod


    Lol, yeah I got a lot of pets but umm, yeah you'll have to try spot them out if you got the time hahah
  13. Zod


    Got to keep the massive bulks going brother, if you got any junk bulks and such, just say
  14. Zod


    Pretty neat isn't it
  15. Zod


    Who wants to be the amazing person to price check my bank then
  16. Zod

    Ah yeah, that can be fixed for sure thanks for the bug
  17. Zod

    Nice list of suggestions and bugs you've found/come up with, thank you for taking time into making this. We'll 100% take a look at this and fix what we can from this list.
  18. Amazing update, thank you to all who helped with this and all the testers, much love, keep it up
  19. Zod

    Yeah it's always good to see where players are wanting to go in-game and the future of their accounts/challenges
  20. Great update, keep up the work team
  21. Nice update development team and Lou and everybody who helped, keep it up
  22. Zod

    Glad to see you in-game and enjoying it!
  23. Great fixes, thanks to the development team/Lou and the testers.
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